Creative Masturbation In the Female Libido: A Subtle Art

Let me tell you, right off the bat – women masturbate all the time! We enjoy more creative masturbation than most guys, but we still do it a LOT!  That’s right, we love to get off just as much as guys.  The only reason you don’t already know this?  We don’t have obvious signs of being horny like erections! (Okay, maybe nipples, but most times that’s temperature).

Having said that, women are more ‘internal’, meaning we’re in our heads more than guys on average.  Men are stimulated by visuals, like porn movies or magazines, or watching women masturbate, or hearing us moan.  And all of that is hot, don’t get me wrong!  However, a woman can get there, (or at least well on her way) by just thinking of something.  Our imaginations can create very realistic, physical responses.

So, when we touch ourselves, it’s sometimes important to ‘set the scene’ in our heads.  To seduce ourselves, as it were.  Creative masturbation can mean using toys or teasing ourselves for awhile before actually rubbing that clit, or working up an intensive orgasm by edging for a day or two first.  Our fantasies can be dark, like being taken by a powerful stranger; or romantic, like having the millionaire bachelor take us away!

The power of cumming from a build up like that is astounding!

 It’s how you get things like multiple orgasms or squirting – whether it cums from the imaginative, thoughtful efforts of a considerate lover, or through the creative masturbation by your own hand (quite literally, in some cases).  The point is, that a woman needs to be prepared for orgasm – if you want her to cum so hard her stomach hurts the next day, make sure the ‘pump is primed’!  You cum quicker, but we cum harder.  Work with us, fellas!  We’ll be on our knees, thanking you!


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