Dear Submissives,

I’m searching for you. In the real world, you are witty and charming. A very strong and well-kept man in society but crumble in the bedroom.  You fear being seen as weak or anything less than a “real man”. You drive me wild, yet you have no clue why I would even give you the time of day.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than me breaking you down. Let me explore all your vulnerabilities.  I want to push your buttons and expose all your hidden emotions. My sexy submissive, you crave my nurturing side. The pleasure is all mine to break you down and build you back up.  You need someone who loves your vulnerability, as much as your strength.

My sweet submissive,  you secretly crave a female dominate relationship. I want to teach you how to satisfy my needs, as we I sexually dominate and humiliate you regularly. (Wicked LiL Grin) No worries, you can trust me.  I would never do anything to hurt you.  It’s time to release all the fantasies you’ve been holding back for years.

No need to be shy.  I want you to come to me. Don’t be terrified of being rejected by me. That is what makes you even more sexier to me. Your inexperience makes you extremely vulnerable to my seductive powers. I want you to stay vulnerable to me. Like tofu’, a sponge willing to absorb and accept anything I have to offer. Your limits are easy to accept and your voice is freely heard. You want me to bring you to new highs and new lows. I can’t wait to lead us both along our journey. Let the fun begin…I’m waiting for you now!

Ready for free phone sex minutes added to all paid call? FIRST TIME CALLERS – Mention Submissives 5, when calling me. Anything goes No Taboos Phone Sex I’m waiting to begin your next sexual adventure. Let’s explore Sensual Domination and Guided Masturbation, as we explore your submissive side. Let’s see if I can persuade you to try something kinky. Would you like to attempt Sucking Your Own Dick ? Are you ready for the journey to pleasure and back? Let’s do it together!! Endless opportunities the pleasures are yours for the taking. Let me trigger your inner XXX pleasures. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.



Kiss Kiss