Sometimes I feel so Submissive the need to be controlled by someone else is intense.

 Feeling horny and Submissive the other night, all I wanted was for a hot guy to tie me up and use me like a fucking slut. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and my pussy was soaking wet. I tried to satisfy myself but it didn’t help and just made it worse. So I finally gave up and called Mark so he could come over and give me what I needed.
I took him to the bedroom and showed him what a good Submissive girl I was by letting him see the toys I had on the bed. A rush went through me as he picked up my penis shaped gag and told me to get naked. He watched as I took my panties off and he licked his lips as he saw that I’d shaved my pussy for him.
 He came towards me and I stood still, opening my mouth wide open for him so he could shove the gag into it. My lips stretched around it and I wiggled my tongue over the rubber dick. God, I wished it was real. I was so focused on it that it shocked me when everything went black and my head got yanked back as he knotted the blindfold tightly behind me.

 He grabbed my arm and dragged me to the bed, being so rough that I stumbled and he smacked me hard on the ass.

It stung and he told me to stop acting up as he pushed me down on the bed. It knocked the breath out of me and I laid there as he held my arms over my head. I shivered as a coldness covered my wrists and he snapped the handcuffs on me, securing me to the headboard.
 I tried to move and they clinked as I heard a rustling sound; my Master for the night was taking his clothes off. I played with my penis gag using my tongue as the mattress moved and I felt him get closer to me. His big warm hands pushed my legs open and I felt his dick press on me as he leaned over me.
 A second later his dick slipped between my lips and I bit down on the gag as he rammed the entire eight inches into me. It tore my pussy walls and a heavy bruised feeling spread inside me as he groaned and squeezed my hips. He began fucking me, his thick dick rubbing past me and making me wetter as my body rocked on the bed, making the handcuffs dig into my wrists.

 He went at me hard and grunted as he called me a bitch and a slut.

Making me feel so dirty as my pussy throbbed. I moved with him, trying to lift my hips so he could go in deeper and he went faster. I felt like a rag doll as he fucked me and I nearly died when he shoved into me hard and brushed over my clit. Wetness spread in me as he came and my clit felt like a painful bead. My body twisted as I started to cum and I couldn’t breathe as sharp waves went through me.
I laid there struggling to breathe through my nose as sweat dripped down me and cum leaked out of my pussy. Mark got off the bed. I thought he was done with me but then I heard my vibrator turning on.

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