Today is a scorcher and what better way to spend my day than laying in our pool. I am wearing one of my favorite swimsuits watching all the neighbors do their yardwork. I am glad my dad does all of that for us. As the submissive teen neighbor, I am just a sexy hot girl floating in the pool. The neighbors do their best coming by the pool, asking for my dad, but I know they are just looking at my great body.

This weekend, my parents are on a mini-vacation. I have the house all to myself. Should I be throwing a party, hell yes! Did I give my word I would not do that, fuck yeah? Total bummer, right?! One thing I love about my parents and me, respect both ways. We have always been that way and they give me a lot of space because of it. Do they know I am a naughty submissive teen neighbor to those who pursue me, nope?!

Men, women, doesn’t matter to this submissive teen neighbor as long as we are having fun together!

All that fun gives me an advantage as the princess of taboo phone sex. The things my mature playmates are teaching me are amazing. Of course, there are times I get to do the teaching. I love getting a neighbor that has only slept with his wife, in his whole fucking lifetime! What the fuck is that? Always surprises me and I love how shy they are until they see how fun it is to dominate me.

Once they start getting a taste of their submissive teen neighbor, their whole persona does an about-face. Giving me specific directions, also bringing new toys to our time together. It is like they google and learn what they should do with me and they are off and running with it. I don’t mind, I love dominant men and when they live in our neighborhood, it makes life way easier for me. Not so much for them.

Discretion is key, they learn that quickly.

One thing about me, I am private with my affairs. It isn’t anyone else’s business so why shout out my dirty deeds. These flings bring me a fix of good sex and domination. That is all that matters to me. Therefore, it is their responsibility to be discreet as well. Keep their side of the street clean and organized so that their time with the teen submissive neighbor stays a secret.

For instance, no one in our neighborhood knows that as Daddy’s Perfect Princess, I am also his naughty little slut. They just think I am his gorgeous spoiled daughter. We are discreet in my family. Mom and I have our fun too and we keep it between our walls. Maybe that is part of our respect too. Consequently, I learned early on discretion is key to an alternate lifestyle. My family has the BEST life and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Back to this afternoon and the fun walking my way!

Mr. Reynolds is coming toward the house. He is one sexy mother fucker. Tall, dark, and handsome. Smart, wealthy, and lives life to the fullest. I have had my eye on him for a long time but we never get to connect. Looks like today is my day bitches! Getting to the pool he is looking down at me with a huge grin. I say hello and he says it back. Then he is asking if my parents are still on vacation. 

Why yes they are Mr. Reynolds. He says, “How nice, my wife is too.” Extending his arm down to me so that he is pulling me out of the pool in one quick swoop. Just like that, we are heading into my house to play. He makes us fresh drinks as I get comfortable on the couch. Setting his drink down, he tells me to sit on his lap, right now! Oh, looky here, Mr. Reynolds knows how to play my game. 

I obey him and plop down on his lap. 

He is eyeing me with pure lust and my pretty little pussy is getting so wet. Out of nowhere, he flips me over and pulls down my bikini bottoms. Gently smacking my ass and then rubbing it. Oh my, that felt interesting. From there, I am told to get on my knees in front of him. He stands up and is undressing. Furthermore, as soon as those pants and boxers drop, my eyes are huge with excitement. 

He has the biggest cock I have ever seen. Holy shit is so gorgeous. Sitting down, he tells me to suck it. As the perfect submissive teen neighbor, I follow his command again. That BBC slides between my lips like black velvet. My tongue works its magic and I have him moaning in no time. He grabs my pretty blonde hair and starts to fuck my mouth with that huge dick. 

What happens next you say? Well, call me and I will divulge all the naughty details. It was one hell of a good time!

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