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He knows how to help me relax after a long day at work. His sweet boy pussy is always ready for a good and hard deep pegging. After one particularly long day, I was happy to see that my submissive sissy boy, Tommy, was already at home. He was preparing dinner for me. Tommy had previously had a sissy slut makeover. Today my sissy was wearing his tiny, pink sissy boy panties and matching bra.

Tommy was ready for my arrival and greeted me at the door with a nice glass of wine before going back into the kitchen to put the finishing touches on dinner. After dinner, he sat at my feet and gave me a lovely foot massage as I sipped another glass of wine. As Tommy rubbed my feet, I decided that my favorite submissive sissy boy deserved a reward.

My submissive sissy boy gets a nice reward.

I finished my wine and asked Tommy to meet me in the bedroom. As Tommy poured me another glass of wine, I slid out of my panties and into my 10-inch strap-on cock. When Tommy came into the room he handed me the wine, dropped to his knees and began to suck on my long, thick cock. Sipping my wine, I watched as my submissive sissy boy took my strap-on down his throat. I put my wine down for a moment so that I could use both hands to guide Tommy’s mouth up and down my thick strap-on cock.

I love the way he gets my cock wet and ready to slide inside of his tight sissy boy pussy. After I finished my wine, I helped Tommy to his feet and bent him over the bed. I spread his ass cheeks apart and saw that his sissy boy pussy was already wet, open and ready to receive a long deep pegging. Slowly, I ran my tongue around the rim of my sissy boy’s man cunt. As I swirled closer to his open faggot hole, I could feel Tommy shaking with anticipation. I started darting the tip of my tongue in and out of his wet boy pussy.

  He was finally ready for a long deep pegging.

I want to hear Tommy begging for me to fuck him with my fat strap-on. I stood up behind him, reached into his panties and began to stroke his little clitty dick. Feeling the head of my strap-on cock so close to his pussy, Tommy backed up. He then pressed his boy pussy against me, trying to find a way to get my strap-on cock into his hungry asshole. I slid two fingers into Tommy’s wet faggot hole as he squirmed and begged me to fuck him hard with my strap-on cock.

Finally, I relented and slowly pushed my thick strap-on cock into his tight sissy boy pussy. I pulled Tommy’s head back by his hair as I thrust deeper into his waiting faggot hole. I love the way my cock opens up that pink, boy pussy during a good hard pegging. Thrusting hard in and out of his hungry cunt, he was fucked good, long and hard. I could feel Tommy shudder as his clitty squirted a creamy load inside his pretty, pink panties. Tommy slumped on the bed, panting and shaking.

Like a good submissive sissy boy, he licked all his pussy juices off my cock.

I straddled his shoulders and shoved my strap-on cock into his mouth and down his throat. After a good, hard pegging I like making Tommy suck his juices off of my cock.

Once my cock was clean, Tommy ran my bath. Then he poured me another glass of wine. As Tommy washed my back and massaged my shoulders, he thanked me for pegging his boy pussy. I sat back and smiled. Because the only thing better than a sissy boy is a happy sissy boy after a hard pegging.

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