My dad flew in another new client this weekend, apparently, he is some super important corporate big wig. It always makes Dad’s clients very happy when he offers me up as a dirty submissive sex toy.

They even prefer it over hot MILF playtime with my mom. Which makes me happy too! The new client’s name was John. My Dad told me all about his naughty panty obsession before he arrived. So before John was even in our house I knew how to act and what to wear for him. I couldn’t wait to show him how much of a naughty submissive sex toy I am. John requested that I wear light-colored thong panties and black fishnets and that is exactly what I did. My dad told me that the second John walked through the door he wanted me to be ready, so I was.

The anticipation was killing me!

When he walked through the door, my dad left the room right away. It was just John and I standing there in the doorway with his suitcases. He looked me up and down, admiring his new submissive sex toy. Then, I bent over to help John carry some of them. But he wouldn’t allow it. Instead, he lifted my skirt up just to make sure that I had followed his instructions. He congratulated me for being such a good girl. Then, he led me to the guest room down the hall.

My stomach fluttered with butterflies as he held my hand.

Something about that situation made my pink cunt soaking wet. When John laid me down on the bed and spread my legs he noticed instantly. Most men would be happy about that, but John wasn’t! So what happened next confused me until my Dad explained it later. Even though at the time John seemed mad, it was just part of a game he was playing. He needed to make sure I was the perfect submissive sex toy for him. Daddy told me that when John saw that growing wet spot between my legs all he saw was a bad, dirty girl that deserved to be punished.

That is why he tore my panties off and demanded that I stuff them down my own throat before he fucked my tight little pussy.

At the time I really thought I was being punished! But it was all part of John’s fantasy the whole time. Sometimes, my Dad doesn’t tell me exactly what to expect, that way hooking up with his clients seems more real. That doesn’t upset me at all, I think it’s hot actually. He gripped my ass and spanked me over and over again until it was bright red. Then he filled me up with his hot cum! He loved making me his submissive sex toy.


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