Every day on my way to work I stop by my favorite coffee house for a cuppa…

While waiting on my dark roast with oat milk foam, I noticed a tall, well-dressed man staring at me. I smiled lightly at him and went to check my phone for any upcoming meetings. I sensed a shadow over me and looked up to see him rather close to my face. “Can I help you?” I asked. He smiled and said, “I’m Edward, and I think you’re the most beautiful lady in here”.  I smiled to myself thinking how I can turn this overconfident dip wad into my pathetic submissive pay pig.

I ended up giving Edward my number and He texted me later that afternoon. He said he wanted to take me to his favorite restaurant for dinner and dessert. I thought to myself, I wonder which one of us will be the dessert. I met him later that evening at a lavishly decorated restaurant that boasted a live band and fantastic drinks. After a wonderful evening of food, wine, and conversation, I invited Edward over for a nightcap. I realized by him having an American express Black card he was loaded. I’m a Findom and enjoy humiliating Men making them my submissive pay pig.

Edward was very excited to come into my beautiful home and immediately made himself comfortable.

I had on a long flowing lounge dress over my full latex black catsuit.  I then stood in front of him and pulled my dress off. “Astrid, wow what a sexy outfit”! I told him to shut the fuck up and strip in front of me. I then bent down where my face was inches away from him and told him he will be my pay piggy and buy me whatever I want. He looked a little shocked but then saw that I wasn’t playing any games and put his head down in submission. My pussy immediately became so wet at how I broke him down to do my bidding. ” Give me your wallet Submissive pay pig”!

Edward jumped up fast and ran over to get his wallet and lay it at my feet while he crouched down to kiss my toes…

“Put it in my hands you submissive Pay pig”! I barked! He put his rather bulky wallet in my hands then crouched down at my pretty toes. As I felt my nipples getting hard I opened his wallet and saw different bills and the black American Express card that he pulled out at the restaurant. I was really looking for that because I have plans for it!

I Told Edward to shut the fuck up and scurry to the corner while I purchase something pretty for myself on his card.  He quickly crawled to the corner and put his head down waiting for his next command. I called my favorite BDSM fetish shop and put my order in for a few new dildos, a fleshlight, leather harness, and red shiny 6-inch stiletto pumps. Once I was done with my shopping spree, I threw my submissive pay pig’s card back at him and ordered him to put it back into his wallet. Oink!

I saw Edward was erect and turned on by me using his card..

I decided to give him a special treat and let him jerk himself off in front of me. After he was done, I instructed him to finish the job and eat his cum out of his hand. Like a good boy, he slurped up every inch of it. I then instructed Edward to get out of my house So I can Netflix and chill.

He put on his clothes and asked in a low voice if I will see him again. I told him I have no more uses for him today and will consider another meeting within this month. He seemed very happy by this and pulled out five one hundred bills to lay on my couch before he left. I love a submissive pay pig who tips! Next month when I go toy shopping I will extort him for his card again. I laughed thinking about how he going to hide this shit from his wife!

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