We are at this huge lecture event. My friends and I are enjoying the speaker and find ourselves chatting with her afterward. Of course, I am not expecting a submissive lesbian fling with her.

Of course, I am not unhappy about it either. The speaker is Dr. Gemma Kandel and she is gorgeous. In fact, she is the whole package. Intelligent, sexy, and a powerful lady in her field.

As we are discussing her lecture, I find myself checking her out. Furthermore, I am getting wet being in her presence. My friends are clueless as she moves in closer to make body contact with me.

Oh, wow, she is into me too. Submissive lesbian fling coming up.

I can tell by her stature and conversation, she is a dominant personality. Of course, I don’t know her well enough to know how much of a dominant she is or if she is into my type of play.

She suggests we all grab something to eat around the corner from the lecture hall and we agree. It is a restaurant/pub type of place. We have a couple of drinks and a nice meal.

I am feeling vibes from Gemma and know a submissive lesbian fling is possible. The bar has a dance floor and it is starting to liven up. My friends head out on the floor to dance.

Once they are gone we can talk more privately.

Gemma has questions for me. Am I a submissive, is she reading me correctly, and am I interested in playing some games with her. Oh, my, gosh. Yes, yes and yes, I say to her.

She is so beautiful and strong. I can feel the power radiating from her and it is driving me wild. I want to bow down and worship her but here is not the place. After some more conversation, she takes my number and says good night.

I am sad to see her go and disappointed I am not getting a submissive lesbian fling tonight. Wow, I am changing so much every day. That naive Mormon girl is long gone!

Just as I am thinking of all I want her to do to me, she is calling my phone!

I answer and she tells me to say my goodbyes and meet her in the parking lot. Do as I am told or she will make sure I feel pain soon. Of course, I want the pain but I also want to obey her.

Moving to my friends on the dance floor, I let them know I am heading back to campus. They are fine with that and say good night to me. Quickly, I head out to the parking lot and Gemma’s waiting car. I want this submissive lesbian fling badly.

As we are driving back to her home, she is discussing the rules and my limits. Of course, she is sterner than my daddy dom but I like her style. Upon arriving at her home, I am told to crawl into her playroom.

Doing as she instructs me, we start our submissive lesbian fling.

Once in her playroom, she instructs me to strip and get on my knees in front of her. Then, she tells me to stay there as she leaves the room. When she returns, she is wearing a sexy outfit worthy of a domme goddess.

She has me lay across her lap as she starts spanking me. Her hand is so soft on my round ass cheek. I love the smacking sound of paddling. And, the fun is just beginning.

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