Submissive Foot Fetish Slave

I worked at a huge manufacturing plant as one of the engineers. Unfortunately, I was the only lady there, and my co-workers, even though respectful, were very turned on by me. Daniel, a quiet, shy man, was often paired with me on many projects. We worked well together and often shared the same ideas. However, I have seen Danny stare at my long legs and feet when he thinks I’m not looking. He was actually a submissive foot fetish slave in the making.

Danny and I had to stay late one night to work on an important project.

Danny ordered some Thai food for us when everyone left. He insisted we eat on the patio overlooking our beautiful city that glowed at night. Even though Danny was quiet, I knew he had huge desires. He looked at me with pure lust in his eyes. I briefly fantasized about him pleasing and sucking on my clit and immediately felt myself getting moist. I sat down and popped my shoes off, revealing sexy Cuban-heeled stockings. Danny looked at my manicured red toes encased inside my silky expensive stockings and became very aroused. His boner was at full attention, and he couldn’t hide it. Feeling frisky, I walked over to him and placed my foot directly on his throbbing cock. He jumped, then eased into the ball massage I was now Giving him. Danny immediately submitted and started kissing on my pretty toes.

His skillful hands traveled over each toe and massaged each foot to perfection.

“Take your dick out now,”  I ordered, staring directly into Danny’s eyes. Never breaking eye contact, he slowly lifted his cock out of his pants. It was about 8 inches, thick and veiny. I placed my foot on the large throbbing mushroom head, noticing a little pre-cum dripping off the top.. hmm, that really turned me on. I ordered Danny to take off my stocking and massage my feet. A good foot massage makes me so wet and horny.  I placed my foot on Danny’s wetness and started sliding my toes on top of his cock. I then placed my toes in his mouth and commanded him to suck my toes clean. Of course, he complied with glee.

I placed an office chair in front of Danny, sat down, and stretched my legs out, placing my feet in his lap again. I found his huge cock and wrapped the arch of my feet around it. His pre-cum provided the lube for the foot job I was planning on giving him. Placing my pretty feet on his balls, I felt how full and tight they were. Squeezing them with the balls of my feet, I drove my submissive foot fetish slave crazy with lust. I then proceeded on wrapping both feet around his cock, slowly giving him a nice foot job.

“Astrid, you are so beautiful; I always wanted to be your submissive foot fetish slave”!

I smiled at Danny, jerking him off faster and harder… trying to milk his beautiful cock with my feet. After a few minutes, my submissive foot fetish slave let out a huge grunt and moaned my name out as his hot boy juice splattered all over my feet. Next, he then grabbed my foot and licked and sucked all his wet hot jizz off.  He told me all he wants to make sure I’m happy.

The following morning when I saw my new submissive foot fetish slave, he smiled at me, I’m sure anticipating our next foot fetish adventures in the future. Who knew work could be so exciting?

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