BDSM: Submissive Contract

Greg called me one Saturday morning and told me to look outside of my window. I opened the blinds and there, sitting in my drive way, was a brand new candy red CLA250 4 door Mercedes Benz with a huge silver bow on it. My mouth dropped and I was speechless for about 2 minutes. “Hello? Jen are you there? Do you see it?” I’m pretty sure he thought that I had passed out and that is exactly what I felt like doing. “Is that mmmmine?”, I didn’t even care that I was stammering. He laughed and said, “Of course it is baby. Come outside and get your keys.” He getting out of his car when I ran outside. I must have screamed, hugged and kissed Greg a thousand times when he handed me those keys. Little did I know that I would soon be his Submissive.

I met Greg at the gym. He is several years older than me but that didn’t matter because we instantly found that there was a connection we shared. It didn’t matter that he was a high-powered attorney and I was a waitress/yoga teacher/babysitter we still loved being around each other. He was adventurous and loved to hike and go camping just like me. I also liked to travel and try different cuisines like him. Whenever I was with Greg he always mad me feel like the sky was the limit. Like there was nothing he wouldn’t do for me. If I said I was bored and wanted to do something he would have a car to pick me up and take me to his private jet where he would be waiting with glasses of champagne and chocolates. When I would ask were we were going he would put on that heart melting smile and say, “Paris…or Ireland…or Greece….or Spain.” Greg never wanted me to be unhappy. His generous gifts were unlimited.

He paid off all of my student loans, paid my rent for me, bought all of my clothes from the best boutiques and brands and made sure that my physical appearance rivaled the top celebrities. Yes the signs should have been clear. Greg was my sugar daddy. But there was one thing that I couldn’t understand. Out of the entire 6 month period that we had been together Greg and I had never had sex. It wasn’t like I wasn’t attracted to him. Greg is a hot guy but, for some reason he never gave in to my sexual advances. Other than maybe a kiss on the lips and holding hands in public, Greg never let anything go beyond that. When I would ask why, he would say “You’re precious to me and I want to take my time with you.”

With the d Mercedes in front of me and all of the excitement coursing through my body I whispered in Greg’s ear, “Please let me take you inside and show you how much this means to me.” I just wanted to make love to him and give myself to him fully. Clearly this man cared about me and now I wanted to show how much I appreciated him. But again he refused. He said that we were going to take things to another level very soon. He took my hands and said, “I have to go to NYC for some business and I want you to join me. While we’re there I promise we will become closer than we’ve ever been before.”

A couple of days later Greg sent a car for me. I took his private plane to NYC. When I got to the Ritz-Carlton I wasn’t surprised to find that my suite over looking the city had views that were breathtaking. I was to meet Greg for dinner that night. My clothes were already laid out for me on the King size bed. Next to them was a note in that read, “Tonight you become mine.” Was I dreaming!? What was going on? Was he going to ask me to marry? Would I finally get to become one with the man that I adored?

Greg was sitting at the table waiting for me when I entered the restaurant. He smiled as we sat down and agreed that after that night everything would be different. We ate, had champagne, and laughed all night. Then the moment finally came for us to leave. I gently grabbed Greg’s hand in anticipation of what was finally going to happen. He looked at our hands clasped together and pulled away. I was confused. Stunned, I asked what was wrong. He turned to the side of his chair and pulled a manilla envelope out of his brief case.

“What’s this Greg. What’s going on?” I was basically trembling at this point. He looked at me, “Open it.” I opened the envelope, took out the 3 pieces of paper and began to read from top to bottom:


R I G H T S , D U T I E S  A N D  O B L I G A T I O N S
I promise to obey the will of my Dom in all things. I understand that His
decisions will be made with the ultimate care and thoughtfulness for my well
being mentally, physically and emotionally.

I promise to conduct myself with the utmost respect for my Dom. I will address
Him as ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’, unless it would be indiscreet to do so; in which case, I
will use His name.

I understand that, above all else, it is my duty to please my Dom and I promise I
will endeavor to do so. I will speak respectfully and truthfully, conduct my tasks
quickly and efficiently, and see to my Dom’s every need. These needs may be
social, sexual, or those that fall under service.

I understand that I am to serve at my Dom’s pleasure at all times, whether or not
we are physically together, with the exception of my pre-approved family visits, and other necessary leave that we may
decide to negotiate separately.

I agree to keep a phone given to me by my Dom, to keep it charged and in
working order, and to respond to calls and texts as promptly as I am able.

I understand that my Dom’s reliance on safe words obligates me to use them and I
promise to do so. I will use “turtle” as a warning word to request that my Dom
slow down, ease up, or change direction while continuing the session. I will use
“Rosie O’Donnell” to immediately end a scene or session.

T H E  D O M I N A N T
R I G H T S , D U T I E S  A N D  O B L I G A T I O N S
I promise to care for and cherish my Submissive. I will help her, teach her and guide
her, show her her limits and take her beyond them.

I have the right to use her
body so long as I do not damage her, inflict lasting injury or harm her mentally.
I have the ability to use her as a servant, have her tend to my whims and needs
and I will do so. I will use implements and tools on her for my own pleasure, I
will bind her and restrain her, and I will have her sexually.

 I will help her
find her pleasure in submission, and I will make sure that she knows when she has
pleased me.I will reward her and punish her for her efforts and failures, but I will take the time to hear her thoughts and nurture her as she grows.

My Submissive is a precious thing to me, and I am aware that she may dislike some of my choices, and I know
that my word is the final authority in all matters. I will, however, listen to her
opinions and thoughts with respect and I will consider her opinions. Her needs
outweigh her preferences, and it is my duty to ensure she understands that.

I will set a routine and rules for my sub, and I will let her know what the
punishments are for infractions. I will set daily discipline. It is my duty to be
constant for my sub, and to be reliable & caring.

By signing below, both parties respectfully agree to be bound by the
terms of this contract for a period of nine months, at which time they may consider
extension, renegotiation, or agree to part ways at their discretion.




When I finished reading I looked up and Greg was handing a writing pen to me. “Considering how you’ve been treated by me these past few months, seems to me that you really don’t have a choice. Sign your name.” I took the pen and signed to be his Submissive. The ride on the way back to the hotel was silent. Greg’s hand caressed my soft thighs as I gazed out of the window at the skyscrapers. We pulled up to the hotel. The driver opened Greg’s door and started to get out. He turned around and looked at me with mischief in his eyes and said, “You ready?”, I nodded yes. He smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

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