Submissive college girl makes her Master’s fantasy a reality.

Submissive college girl stories like this one may seem like a mere erotic submission phone sex fantasy to the casual observer. However, you should know me well enough by now to realize this kinky AF girl believes in living “the lifestyle” for real!

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Meanwhile, let’s continue, shall we? When we ended last time, my dominant lover and a faceless buddy were DP’ing me deeply and hard. Still blindfolded and lost in a storm of sensation, I was rapidly losing control. Highly observant of His girl’s every reaction, my Master was definitely aware of this. Even more, He enjoyed every moment of my submission. Both holes stretched and rammed almost beyond what I can handle, I’m struggling to make my Master proud.

Just when I thought I’d lose my mind, Master commands me to cum for Him NOW.

My eyes practically roll up into my head as I obey. I’m exploding so intensely that I can’t even see. Ass and pussy clenching, I scream helplessly as I cum violently on their thick cocks. You’d think that they’d give me a moment to catch my breath, but you’d be wrong.

The two of them keep fucking me, drawing out my orgasm and causing wave after wave of almost unbearable multiples.

Master blasts my tight back door with what seems like gallons of scalding cum. In the meantime, the other guy pulls out, creaming the flushed skin of my flat tummy and throbbing breasts with his own release.

By the time they finish and pull away to lay on either side of me, I’m incapable of speech. Moreover, I’m so spent that I can’t even move.

Lifting my petite, still-panting body into His strong arms, Master carries me into the bathroom. After He removes my blindfold, I blink in the suddenly bright light. Gazing at him blearily, I watch as He turns away to turn on the shower. As the room fills with steam, He carefully guides me under the spray.

Kissing my lips as His hands stroke my naked body, my Master tells me how much my submission has pleased Him. I purr with pleasure under His hands as He soaps my water-drenched skin. He kisses me deeply, tongue dancing with mine.

After using the shower head to rinse all the soap from my body, He gently pushes me to my knees. Then, I reverently suck Master’s cock into my hungry mouth, eager to show Him my gratitude. After all, He knows exactly how to bring out the submissive little slut in me in a way that no one else does.

As this submissive college girl worships her Master’s cock, He loosely wraps her sodden blonde tresses in His fists to control her head.

While He uses my grateful mouth, I catch my fingers sliding downwards along the lips of my sopping cunt. Realizing what I’m doing, Master fans my flames by commanding me to finger-bang my pussy and ass for His enjoyment.

Although my sensitive pussy and asshole feel swollen and sore, I dreamily continue to do His bidding. Lost in sensation, I realize that I’m dangerously close to cumming without permission. After everything that just happened, I’m amazed that He can bring me to the edge again so quickly!

Desperate to regain a little self-control, I distract myself by wondering about the stranger’s identity.

Is this guy someone I know? A friend of ours, perhaps? Or is he an actual stranger? If so, how did my boyfriend find him? Which possibility makes this submissive college girl more nervous? More importantly, which one arouses me the most?

I look up at my Master, whose expression is awash in pleasure as He nears another climax. Sucking eagerly, I ravenously swallow every drop of His delicious release. He looks down at me, watching as I slowly and lavishly lick Him clean.

Raising me to my feet, Master carefully dries my body with a fluffy towel. Taking my hand, He leads me back into the bedroom. The stranger is gone and we are alone once again. Master wraps me tightly in His embrace, and I bury my face against His muscled chest, breathing Him in.

“You were so good,” He murmurs into my still-damp hair. “Such a good fucktoy. I’m very proud of you, babygirl.”

I lift my chin to smile up at my dominant boyfriend, delighted to have pleased Him. Because my Master refuses to tell me who we played with, I have no idea who it was. Each time we get together with his friends, I won’t be able to resist trying to figure out which guy was the one who fucked me. More importantly, will Master share me again in the future? If so, who will it be next time?

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