I Love When Submissive Boys Get Cuckolded, You Love It Too!

I love when submissive boys get cuckolded and one of my most favorite things is a submissive white boy, with a little teeny weeny! Every now and again, the inner bitch cums out in me and all I want to do is, humiliate a poor sucker! Hahaha, I just can’t help myself! Do you have a little cock, or as I like to call them, a teenie weenie peenie? Nothing feels better to me than a BIG Black Juicy Cock, so sit back, pull out your little guy and watch me get fucked by a REAL cock, a far superior cock!

Thankfully I am a BBC magnet, well that’s what daddy says anyway (except he doesn’t put it so politely haha, I think he’s jealous too!) and I never run the risk of not being full up. I think I’d die if I got stuck with a little prick like yours….oh my goodness, can you imagine?!?! Can’t help, but giggle when I think about it, that little mighty mouse pee pee is very cute and I can’t take it seriously! I mean you can’t either I presume, which is why you LOVE to be humiliated and why you LOVE to be cucked! Knowing your place is very important I think! All bitches must know their place, in the order of things.

For instance, a teenie weenie white boy must ALWAYS submit to the far superior BBC.

It’s better in every way! I think guys who don’t know their place are simply in denial and haven’t learned to cope with their insignificance! The sooner they realize their place, the sooner they can start to become more comfortable with being entertainment for the BBC’s of the world and the broads like me, who love to just rub it in! Hahahaha

It’s not personal babe, that’s just the way it is! At least your teenie weenie has a place….right?!?! I know it’s hard to look on, as you watch first hand how a BBC fills up a pussy to the MAX, watching her tight little hole stretch under the pressure of such a massive cock. It must be hard to watch a woman’s face grimace a little in pain, knowing that you could NEVER cause such a reaction! Hahahaha Awww man, that’s a terrible thought, now that I think about it….poor little guy! Well, on the positive side your little unit is super cute and friendly looking. hehe

One of the things I like most about you little insignificant white boys is your insatiable desire for some good ole fashion BBC creampie!!

YUMMMMMY! Nothing feels better than a submissive little fuck, eating my pussy right after a HUGE load has just been deposited inside of my now swollen cunt. Cuckolded boys like you actually help alleviate the pain of being stretched like that..some of those BBC’s are HUGE. Hmmm, the overload of feelings I get is almost overwhelming, but oh so good! Just think about my sore pussy, with cum oozing out of it and then the feeling of your wet warm tongue right there to make it all better and clean….hmmm and then……Well, you know what to do, just call my number and have BBC/Submissive phone sex with me!!

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