Submissive Age Play – Teen Brooke Becomes Submissive

My first experience with an age play fantasy was when I was 16 I met a much older man while I was out car shopping with one of my friends. He was our much older, sexy salesman. While he was showing us around he and I kept up a little flirting routine. Maybe he had some kind of age play fantasy and flirting with me was a turn on for him, I don’t know but either way, I was having fun. He seemed like a very dominant man and I was far from submissive.

I was outspoken, witty and loved a challenge so I was having fun pushing his buttons. When we were leaving he handed me one of his cards and said to call him when I was ready to look at a car of my own. He gave me a little wink along with that killer smile and I knew he meant more than what he was saying. I took his card but I didn’t even bother to call him.

We went back a few days later to show my friend’s parents which car she liked.

While they were inside closing the deal I went outside to look around. Of course, he was there, I knew he would be. But what I didn’t expect was him catching me alone outside. I was looking at some of the cars that were on the far side of the lot when he came up behind me, pressed his body against my back and gently pinned me to the car. I felt his breath close to my ear as he very softly said, “Why didn’t you call me?” Feeling his breath at the bottom of my ear and on my neck as his voice filled my head sent a heat wave of pleasure coursing through my teenaged body.

I could feel his cock growing against my ass as I replied, “I didn’t think you really wanted me to”. “I wouldn’t have told you to if I didn’t want you to Brooke,” he said. Before we could continue our conversation we heard footsteps in the distance. He moved back just a little and made it look like he was just reaching over me to point something out on the car. The guy told him that they needed him inside to work out some of the details on my friend’s car. He said he would be right there. As the guy left he turned to me and said, “Call me. I mean it Brooke,” then turned and walked away.

I didn’t want anyone to know that I was talking to a man that was almost twice my age so I waited until my parents went to bed and called him from my room.

We talked for a couple hours about all kinds of random things like where I worked, how often, what I did in school, being a cheerleader, he just kept asking questions and I answered every one of them. Little did I know he was really trying to figure out my schedule. He now knew exactly where I would be at different times of the day.

Started leaving me little notes with a single rose on my windshield randomly and coming to my work to visit me just before I would be getting off. He would bring up new sports cars for me to drive knowing how much fun it would be for me. Then we would go back to my work so I could get my car to go home. He started VERY slow with me gaining my trust and testing the waters. He would give me little peck kisses before we parted, always telling me how beautiful I was and just building me up to him.

Before long we were having long make-out sessions in the car when we would return to my work’s empty parking lot to get my car. After a few weeks of that is when the fun really got started. We were making out in his car, our hands roaming when he pulled back from me just a little and asked if I really liked making him happy. I told him that I would do anything to make him happy. Those were the exact words that he was hoping to hear. He knew I had been with a couple of guys but for the most part was pretty inexperienced.

He took my hand and placed it on his cock that had created a huge bulge in his pants.

I looked at him with uncertainty but I really wanted to do whatever would make him happy. Here I was this young girl and this sexy older man wanted ME to please him!! I didn’t even know where to begin and was extremely intimidated knowing he had been with older women that knew exactly what to do for him.

I had no idea that he had been planning on me feeling this way. He wanted me to feel that I needed him for guidance. I was becoming very submissive to him which wasn’t anything like the Brooke everyone else knew. I undid his pants and pulled out his huge cock. After a few minutes of me licking it and trying to suck him off, he started to guide me. He told me to just sit still, open my mouth and to cover my teeth with my lips. I did as I was told and he slid his cock as far into my throat as he could. I started to gag but he didn’t let up.

With his car seat leaned back a little he held my head in place and began to fuck up into my mouth.

The more I gagged the harder he fucked. Spit was dripping from my mouth onto his cock. The harder he fucked the more I wanted him to be happy with what I was doing for him. When he told me that my mouth felt amazing and he was going to give me a surprise to show me just how good I was doing I felt like I was on top of the world. He started to grunt and moan as he held my head tightly down on his cock. Load after load of his hot cum shot into the back of my throat making me gag a little.

I didn’t protest. I tightened my lips around him even tighter so none of it would leak out onto his pants. As he slowly pulled his cock from my mouth I made sure to close my lips over the tip to collect anything that was left there. He told me to open up so he could see how big of a load I had taken. When I did he told me that it was huge and praised me for not spilling any out. He started to tuck his cock back into his pants and told me that good girls swallow their rewards. I closed my mouth and gulped down every drop of his cum. He kissed me lightly on the cheek, took my chin into his hand and looking deeply into my eyes he gave me that killer smile and thanked me.

As I started to get out of his car he told me that he had something special planned for us the next day.

He said I needed to make sure I had some kind of cover story for at least an hour after work. I promised to take care of it, got into my car and drove home. When did I start to change into this submissive little girl? I used to be so outspoken and opinionated but now with him, I would do anything to please him. Want to know what my special surprise was? Why wait for the next part of this hot age play story when you can give me a call and I’ll tell you just how much more submissive I became the next day. I LOVE some naughty age play fun! I can’t wait to be the naughty little girl that you have been fantasizing about!

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