Submissive escape, dominated by the right man drives me crazy. It takes a very strong, SENSUAL man to dominate a sophisticated female like myself into submissive phone sex.  I’m NOT looking for the power hungry male.  I’m looking for him. The ONE!  Are you him?

Every woman seeks out their Prince Charming, normally they turn out to have minor flaws.  Rarely, do we ever seek out the wolf. The man who can see and hear you. Getting to know you on a deeper level.  Knowing you better than you know yourself, as he takes in and eats every ounce of you. He can NEVER get enough of you.  I found this relationship with my new boss Mr. Wolf.

It was as if Mr. Wolf knew me better than I knew myself.  Mr. Wolf was tall, dark, and handsome.  His classy demur and suave style of persuasion seemed almost impossible to ignore.  I had just started working for him as his personal assistant. Recently, he started getting a lot more customers and needed someone to help him with the load. That wasn’t the only load I wanted to help him release over the past few months. My days were filled with thoughts of sensuous touches – soft whispers – lingering glances – uncontrollable masturbation phone sex.   I couldn’t help myself. My mind didn’t always stay at work when I was around him. Kinky phone sex fantasies entered my mind more times than I could count.  Everything about him mesmerized me.

Captivated me into doing things I would normally never do.  Mr. Wolf would see things in me – I didn’t even see in myself. The way he looked at me – undressing me with his eyes as if he could see right through me.  His look was so sensuous yet arousing – I could almost feel him tasting my soul and leaving my body stimulated with pleasure. Often wanting to explore masturbation phone sex.  A few times I would escape into the company powder room to re-leave myself.

Slowly fingering my sweet young pussy, lingering over my swollen clit for what seemed hours. The thoughts of him taking me captured my every being. I imagined my finger being his tongue licking me, tasting me, savoring me.  Every part of me wanted him to take me and devour every inch of me. Catching my breath after a long sensuous self-pleasuring orgasm – I would gain my composure and return back to work.

With each passing day, hour, second – I could tell I had a similar effect on Mr. Wolf.  Not only was I his office eye candy, I intrigued all his senses. My witty and sensual personality captivated him into wanting to know more about me. It was a never-ending challenge – a pushing of boundaries.  He challenged me on a variety of levels,.  This filled his senses to uncontrollable limits.  He couldn’t get enough of me it seemed.  I knew just when to push his buttons – lingering on certain words.   Edging phone sex – bring him to a point of no return and pulling him back.

Holding onto my every word – listening intently to my soft sensuous whispers.  A little tease and denial phone sex always goes a long way.  I would keep him holding on almost begging to explode.   Shortly after he would excuse himself. I would snicker at the image of him touching, stroking and pleasuring himself.  My panties would often get so wet as the sweet scent of my pussy filled the room. Moments later, I would hear the most erotic howl of pleasure escape from his private lavatory.

The teasing went on for months. I had been working for him for about three months when he asked me to accompany him on a business trip to Italy.  This was going to be an adventure we would never forget.   My pussy creamed with excitement at just the thought of being alone with him in another country.  The trip was strictly business, not pleasure. That didn’t stop me from fantasizing about what could happen.   The thought of being alone with Mr. Wolf aroused me.

Often I would find myself pleasuring myself. Teasing my pussy to the most out of control submissive masturbation phone sex thoughts.  Just the way he would stimulate my every being.  First blindfolding me.  Slowly licking and tasting me. Exploring my body to reveal unknown charted territories. The licks would linger from one inch to the next.  Lingering between my creamy thighs and working his way up to my bald wet pussy.   Tasting me – exploring me – eating me – erotically arousing me like I had never experienced.  I couldn’t get enough of him in my fantasy phone sex as I closed my eyes and exploded over and over – so many times.

The next morning Mr. Wolf picked me up at my apartment in his limo.  There I was jet-setting away to another country. The life of luxury – sipping on a Mimosa ready to be whisked away to Italy in his private jet. As we boarded the jet, my heart raced in fifty thousand directions. After settling in for the long flight.  Mr. Wolf took me on a tour of the jet – each area was more luxurious than the next.  Mr. Wolf, went ahead to the next compartment as I lingered in the galley.  Mr. Wolf summoned from behind the door. In his deep powerful voice, he said, “Raven I need you right now. Wait by the door for me.  I will be right out.”  I didn’t know what to expect.

Mr. Wolf appeared in the doorway “Come in here for a second” he said in a stern voice.   As I walked towards the passageway, Mr. Wolf pulled me into the room and told me to get down on my knees.  “A powerful man as myself needs a woman who will answer to my every need and obey my every command.”  My heart was racing – this was so unexpected yet such a turn-on.  As my heart pounded, I could hear him say “You always do as you are told and never question me.”  I nodded yes.  I finally was going to be his.

Every time he told me to do something, I just did it.  That’s what I had always been taught to do when I was a child. Always exploring incest xxx pleasures with daddy and my brother – I never refused them. Like I would never refuse Mr. Wolf’s needs now.   “The 7-hour flight gives us plenty of time,” he told me.  Looking up at him with my sexy bedroom eyes “Plenty of time for what Sir?” I asked.   Without hesitation, he prompted me to unzip his pants and release his awaiting cock.   Steamy submissive phone sex.

Without a second thought, I took his cock into my hands – worshiping every inch.  Slowly stroking his cock as it grew between my fingers.   Slipping it into my wet full lips, lingering around the head. Teasing and pleasing him as he released a moan of pleasure.   Looking down at me with approval in his eyes as his cock disappeared into my mouth.   I couldn’t get enough of him.  I took every inch all the way down to his balls.  Sucking eagerly to please him.  Just I had pleased my father over and over as a young girl.  Taking his balls into my mouth –  savoring and spoiling each one of them.  Licking a lollipop like a sugar starving child. I was a very naughty submissive little girl when I wanted to be.

My panties were drenched and the juices dripped down my thighs.  Gently, he lifted me from my knees and placed me on the counter exposing my creamy thighs and wet waiting pussy.  Oral phone sex pleasures. Licking every inch of me and tasting the juices cascading down my thighs.  He could tell I was almost at my breaking point. My legs were quivering and my moans became louder.  Just then he pulled me onto his lap, ripped off my remaining clothes and gave me one final instruction, “You better hold on.  This is gonna be the ride of your life.”

I almost couldn’t hold on any longer.  He thrust his cock into my drenched pussy – I wanted him. I needed him. He couldn’t get enough of me. Kissing down my chest, lingering on my hard turned on nipples. Taking them between his lips – biting them ever so gently. Slowing down the pace, as I lowered myself down on him – taking every inch. All 8 inches of his hard firm cock buried deep in my tight hole. Ultimate erotic pleasures  Totally losing ourselves in each other’s passion.  No longer did I crave my prince charming – I craved the wolf hidden inside the man before me. He knew how to expose the real me – seeing me for the temptress.  Hearing and lingering onto my every word and sigh.   Eating me up like no other – craving me, loving me, and nurturing me.

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