Submission the lifestyle you crave

There are times when you will wonder as a submissive what it takes or entails to be a part of my world. Submission to a Mistress, like myself,  takes a lot of discipline.  With this blog I will point out some key characteristics of what YOU as a TRUE submissive should possess to be part of my world.

Not ALL subs will possess the same or all of characteristic. Over the years I have played with many submissive men, each submissive possess their own personality and characteristics. Each submissive have different desires that suite their needs.   I look for certain characteristics in a new submissive. Submission is not an adventure to be taken lightly. The general use the same guidelines when choosing a submissive.  Generally they are the same what type of playmate, committed relationship, short-term or long-term training or committed relationship. The main considerations are always how fully I am able to fulfill his needs, what needs of mine he will be able to fulfill and whether there are sufficient compatibility between us.

The following 11 characteristics are the most important when I consider a new prospect – submissiveness, honesty, acceptance, intelligence, compatibility, self-respect, self- knowledge, communication, consistency, imagination, patience and service. These characteristics are very clear and the guidelines are easy to follow.  Not every submissive will have all the traits listed.  These are general guidelines I use to determine if you will be the right submissive and to be part of my world.

Submissiveness – Even though this seems simple, there is always one sub who is demanding of our attention. They want things a certain way or are disobedient for the sake of testing the Mistress.  ** Not A Wise Move ** Frustrating the Mistress is NOT acceptable and not encouraged. A true submissive gives themselves mind and body to the dominate – trusting the decision I have made.  Period.  I only ask from my submissive what they ask of me.  Complete surrender of will.  This is “Raven’s World” and I allow you to live in it. It is not the submissive’s pleasure or desires, but mine. Only mine!   Regardless of what they would like, my wants must come first.

On the playful side of submission – disobedience, is not only acceptable but very necessary.  Once again “playful disobedience” for example a submissive teasing the Mistress and playfully pushing her buttons is acceptable.  Do not push your boundaries and know your limits. Disobedience to test my patience is NOT acceptable and reason to discontinue all activity, as well as the relationship.  On the other hand, a submissive that is considered a “doormat’ is even less desirable than the demanding submissive. There are very few Mistresses who want to own a “robotic submissive” who has no mind of his own. Being a submissive does not mean you are stupid, nor does it mean pushing your boundaries and limits.  Take it from me – Don’t pull that with someone like me.  Biggest mistake ever!

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