My sub Daddy always has me take control.

A sub Daddy is not what I expected, but it’s what I got! I always saw him checking me out and feeling me up when he hugged me, but I never realized that he was submissive to top it all off. Daddy has quite a share of kinks! I took advantage of it as soon as I realized that he’d really do anything I said. He wanted his little girl to be happy, so quickly I turned into a little brat. If I could make him do anything I said..why wouldn’t I?

My daddy is now basically a dog on a leash. He comes when I call, he licks what I want him to lick! 😉 I wear my little short-shorts that say “BRAT” right on the booty, and he knows he’s in for a treat. I’ll make him follow me along like a lost puppy. I don’t think Mommy knows what’s going on either, and I think she’s pretty Dominant with him too..but I’m quietly taking over! He may do whatever she says, but he’s wrapped around his little girl’s finger. He even dresses up for me. We go shopping and I pick out everything I want him to wear, and he doesn’t get embarrassed because he’s writing it off as “shopping for mom”, I’m his cover-up!

And once we get home, he puts it all on. He dresses up for me like a good boy, he licks my little pussy out and makes me cum on his tongue.. and sometimes, if he’s very good, I’ll stroke his big cock a little. But I can’t spoil him too much, or else he’ll get used to it! I’m the one in charge here! I guess sometimes I do need to pay up and let him take a little more, so the more dominant side of him will come out and I let him fill me up.. but I can’t give it away often! He knows his limits.

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali