Stuffing Chase on turkey day!

Stuffing and turkey and pies Oh my…

Turkey day is almost here and that means it’s time to play with our food. You see in my house on Thanksgiving we really get into the food *giggle. Let me tell you about what happened last year on Thanksgiving it was just daddy and I. We were in the kitchen cooking us up a big delicious meal and daddy dipped his finger in the mashed potatoes and told me to lick it off, so I did. Daddy instantly got hard with me sucking the potatoes off his finger. I noticed and told daddy he was pitching a tent. And then he showed me just how big it was and pulled down his pants.

O my, I decided right then that daddy and I would be playing in our food and if I get my way daddy would be stuffing me instead of the turkey this year. Little did I know though that daddy really liked the idea of stuffing me. So daddy pulled down my pretty little pink panties and grabbed a pumpkin pie and stuck his finger in it and then started rubbing it all over my pretty little hot pussy. And then starting licking it off.

Once daddy got his dessert all licked up he grabbed another pie from the counter and told me to hold it for him while he started stuffing his dick into it, daddy completely destroyed that pie *giggle.

Then my daddy told me to get onto the floor on all fours raise my ass in the air. He wanted to stick his pie covered cock into my tight little wet pussy hole. Daddy started stuffing my tight little cunt and it felt so good.

Want to be my daddy and come fill me all the way up?

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