Dear Diary: Stuffed & Devoured By Daddy, What a Thanksgiving

Oh I got stuffed and devoured by daddy alright and then some. Well not my daddy actually, but my husbands daddy. I think it’s pretty clear how I feel about him and how badly I crave him. It’s safe to say that he feels the same and has no shame in fucking his son’s wife, but I surely don’t mind either. It’s funny though, because I only call him daddy when he’s giving it to me just the way I like it. Otherwise I just address him by his first name.

Anyway, so the day was Thanksgiving of course and after our HUGE family supper, everyone hung out for a while to play some games and such. Well it was about midnight and we decided to wrap things up. Some folks had just a little too much to drink. So, my sweet husband volunteered to take them home. My FIL volunteered to stay back to help me clean up, which was rather kind of him. At least my husband thought so, but I knew right away that my FIL had other things on is mind, besides helping me clean up. That’s not to say that I wasn’t just as content with his REAL reason to stay behind.

The moment my husband left and our last guest pulled out of the driveway, my FIL immediately gripped me up. He carried me to the dining room table and said, ” Darlin, I am going to stuff and devour you! Right here, right now!”. I could instantly feel my clit swell up and my pussy began to ache. I always crave him and I love the feeling of his swollen, hard, throbbing cock inside of me. Frankly, I don’t give a good God damn what hole he enters, just as long as he’s balls deep. The moment he gripped me up was the moment he stopped being my FIL and became MY daddy. That’s just the way we like it.

There I was bare assed on the dining room table, legs up and I was about to get stuffed and devoured by daddy. Mama used to always get so pissed and tell me, ” Now Hanna, you know better than to put them there elbows on the table!” Well mama, my elbows were on the table and there ain’t shit you can do about it. Haha! At least that’s what I was thinking at one point. I just thought it was funny to be perfectly honest. Right then, daddy grabbed hold of his rock hard cock and plunged deep inside of my perdy little pussy. The thrust me gave, sent shivers down my spine and I yelped out so fucking loud.

Daddy stuffed me alright and when he was done, when I was nice and full to the brim, daddy bent down and devoured every single drop of his cum. He made due on his promise and gave it to me just the way I needed it. But that was ONLY the beginning and in order to find out what happened next, you’re gonna have to call me darlin and you don’t wanna miss it!