Finals were stressing me out. I’d hired a tutor to help me get an understanding on my homework. I could tell David was getting frustrated with me constantly asking him to repeat what he said. The truth is, I couldn’t concentrate because I wanted David’s dick in my mouth to suck. Every time he would talk to me, my eyes would wander down to his pants. I wanted him to slap his cock across my face right here in the library. I licked my lips thinking of the taste of his cum on my tongue.

“Sasha!” he snapped me out of my fantasy. “What is going on? We’ve been at this for hours and you’re not retaining anything. Something’s got you distracted. What is it?”

“I can’t concentrate, David”, I sighed.

“Well what’s on your mind? Maybe if you get it all out you can concentrate a little better.” A devilish grin crept across my face. David was so sweet and innocent, he had no idea what I was about to say.

“David, the only thing that can help me clear my head is your cum on my face.” David’s mouth dropped wide open. I let my fingers creep into his lap and stroked his cock through his pants. He became hard instantly. “Don’t act like you having thought about me wrapping my sexy lips around that cock of yours.”

He blushed, “Sasha, I’m flattered, but you have a final in the morning.” David tried to deny me, but his cock was telling a different story. I pulled it out and started stroking it under the table. David tried to mutter something, but I was working my magic. He laid his head back on the chair.

“You like that don’t you David?” I whispered. “Imagine if I was to keep doing this, but if I was licking your balls at the same time.” David let out a low moan. “Would you like me to do that for you?” I asked.

David nodded yes. I checked around the library to make sure no one was watching us and slid down under the table. I wasted no time swallowing down David’s cock for a suck. I stroked him with both of my hands while sloppily sucking. Up and down, faster and faster! David was trying not to moan, but I wanted to hear him. I stroked his cock while I sucked on each of his balls one at a time. I ran my tongue from his balls all the way up to the tip of his cock, ending it with a kiss. I made my cheeks tight around his cock as I deep-throated as much of David’s cock as I could. No more playing around, I wanted to taste David’s cum NOW! I sucked him without using my hands.

David whispered, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” I suck him faster; throwing my head back and forth against his torso. Drooling all over his cock, my spit dripping down his balls. I played with David’s balls with one hand, and stroked his length with the other, slowly twisting my hand around his cock. I sucked and licked on the tip of his cock, all at the same time. David’s moans grew louder by the second, echoing out in the library. He grabbed onto my head and held it down as he blew his warm load down the back of my throat. I sucked him softly as I finished off every ounce of his cum. I came back up and sat in my chair next to David, to my surprise everyone was staring at us. The librarian scowled at me as I wiped the rest of David’s cum from my lips. I turned to David, “Now, back to our study session.”

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