Even as I was struggling for Control, I wanted Him to Win

I love struggling for dominance. I love pushing my boundaries and limits to see what Master will do to put me in my place. But even when I’m fighting my hardest to maintain control of the situation, deep down I always want Master to win.

Master had been out of town for 5 days on a work trip, and I’d missed him terribly. And so I made sure he missed me and wanted me, too; by teasing him relentlessly and sarcastically telling him to come over and do something about it. I knew I was going to pay for such actions, but I love when Master is so turned on and frustrated that he walks in the door without so much as a hello and before I can say anything at all, his cock is deep in my throat, making me pay, making me his.

He walked in my door, just back from his long trip and told me to get on my knees. I told him no, coyly and quietly I defied him. He gave me his look, the one that always sends shivers down my spine, but I held my ground.

“Oh really, little girl?

You want to push my buttons when you’re already in trouble? Fine, have it your way, you know I love punishing you, so you’re only hurting yourself,” He said, walking over to me and grabbing a thick handful of my hair and pulling me with him as he sat on the couch, yanking me over his lap. He pulled my mini skirt up and growled as he saw I wasn’t wearing any panties.

punished for struggling

*SMACK* I yelped as I felt his big hand land firmly on my pale little ass. He started raining blows on my ass until all I could feel was the heat in my ass and the moisture between my legs. As if reading my mind, he slid his hand between my legs and growled as he felt how wet my pussy was. I wanted him so badly that I ached, deep inside. I ached for him.

“You dirty little slut, you wanted to be punished,” he said.

As he was pushing me off his lap and standing up. “Bend over the couch Summer,” I did as he told, my ass too sore to handle any more punishment for my sassy mouth.

“I’m going to fuck you, but it’s going to be for me. I’m going to fuck your tight wet little cunt as hard and fast as I want, and you’re not going to cum unless I tell you to, do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand,” I said, gasping as I felt him slide his long, thick cock deep inside me. He meant it, too. He slammed in and out of me, fucking me like a toy, using my body for his own pleasure. I felt my climax building anyway, and I was struggling not to cum. It became too much.

“Please Sir, please let me cum! Please!” I begged as he grabbed my hips and started pounding me harder, growling as he slid in and out of me.

“No, you were a bad girl. You don’t get to cum today,” And just as he said that through gritted teeth. I felt him shoot his hot load deep inside me. He pulled out and walked naked to the kitchen to start dinner, while I sat on the couch, my cunt throbbing in need.

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