I struggled as I got Raped in an Alley

I was walking back from the bar-more like stumbling as I struggled to stay upright. It was 1am and I was wearing ridiculously high black stilettos to match my ridiculously short dress. I knew I should have gone home with my friends a few hours ago. That would have been smart. But I was having fun letting my hair down. I heard your soft footsteps, but I was too drunk to wonder who was walking a few feet back. Until you came closer. I looked over my shoulder giggling, until I saw you standing less than two feet behind me. You grabbed my hair and covered my mouth with your hand. I tried to scream, but your hand muffled my voice to the point of near silence. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway; the street was deserted.

You dragged me down the alley, and I knew what was coming. Even through the daze of booze I felt the jolt of the concrete as you shoved me to the cold ground. I kept fighting you, but I was too drunk and you were getting more turned on as I struggled. I watched terrified as I struggled to keep my legs closed and you pushed up my short dress and started roughly rubbing between my legs. It hurt and I was scared, but I couldn’t deny to myself how turned on your use of force made me. You ripped my lace thong from my body, and I gasped.

I struggled during rape
“You’re wet you fucking slut,” you said as you slid a finger into my hot, tight cunt.

I groaned, arching my back. Unzipping your pants, You roughly shoved your hard throbbing cock into me, stretching me wide and my eyes started to water. I struggled again as you started pumping in and out of me. You groaned and I felt your hot jizz fill me deep inside. You laughed, pulling a zip tie out of your pants pocket and binding my wrists together, before standing up and running, leaving me lying on the cold ground, my dress around my hips and your jizz dripping from my cunt.


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