Strong hands on a man are an instant turn on for me!

Strong hands that look like they know how to handle a woman’s body, just the way it needs to be handled. That’s one of the main things I look for when checking out a man’s appearance. How hot are his hands and does he have a visible bulge? That’s right: I’m a horny little slut who always checks out the dick!
Nothing turns me on more than feeling a man with strong hands and a firm grip touch me. Just the thought of a man brimming with self-assurance and confidence, handling my body, makes me so wet. I love it when a man grabs me by my hips and holds me in place while he pounds his cock deep inside my pussy. Pinning down me in one spot and making me just take it all.

Strong hands will take you far in this world. They’ll even get you into my pants. Every time I masturbate I think about a man’s hands just grabbing my whole body and owning my flesh. His big meaty paws squeezing my breasts and grabbing my hips. There is nothing like being guided on and off of a dick by a man’s hands telling your hips what to do. On and off, on and off. Over and over and over.

Strong hands on my ass are the first things I look for when I first start making out with a new guy. I love kissing and feeling the sure, confident hands of a new lover slide down my back toward my ass cheeks. And when there, whole handfuls only, guys, please. Take a whole cheek in each hand and give it a good squeeze. Push me up against your hard cock and make me ride it. So take your meaty paws, pick up the phone and call me. All you have to do is describe your strong hands to me and I’ll be creaming all over the phone for you.

I want to hear in great detail what those powerful hands of yours can do to a sexy woman like me.

Lesbian Phone Sex!