Strip Tease Seduction With Hot Lingerie

Strip tease. It is so sensual and such a fucking turn on to dress in the perfect , matching lingerie for you. The only thing hotter is to pull on a cute little skirt and low cut top with stockings and heels to be slowly taken off for you. I want to sit you on the couch, and clear the coffee table. I want to crawl up there on all fours, showing you my white lace thongs. Watching you over my shoulder, as I slide them to the side and show you my slut slits glistening with my hot, wet juices.

Your cock is rock hard. You are practically drilling a hole in your pants. I stand up and lift my tight skirt up. You see my pierced pussy through my lace. I pull it tightly into the perfect cameltoe. I turn around and grab my ankles. My sexy stilettos and beautiful stockings look delicious. I step out of my skirt and panties and throw them at you. You love when I strip tease for you. It is the art of seduction. I take my time, pulling off my shirt and bra, releasing my huge tits for you.

I take each huge jug and pull it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around my nipples.

You take my juicy, yummy panties and wrap them around your cock to jack off. I get on my knees and hang my ass over the side of the coffee table. I finger fuck my pussy and bring my juicy fingers up to my lips. As I run my juices all over my lips, you are dying for a taste. I go all the way into my slit with two fingers and get them drenched. You can hear my wet pussy making the naughtiest, horniest, hungriest noises. Strip tease seduction is over. Time to take your cock in every hole!!

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