I love making people wonder about what I have on underneath my loose baggy black shirts and grey sweats, if you saw me walk by you with my hair in a messy bun you’d never ever know that underneath that very messy appearance I’m wearing something that will make your mouth water. I love going to the gym when it’s late because there are only a handful of people there and the counter attendant always has his eyes on me and I love that hunger that fills his eyes when he looks me over trying to guess what I’m wearing underneath my gym clothes. I can see that he is imagining me doing a strip tease for him and it makes me wet.

Two nights ago I think the curiosity finally got the better of him, but then again I did just shift ever so slightly so my baggy shirt would shift to the side to reveal one of my very sexy lazy purple and black bra straps. My smile was innocent but he could see the hunger in my eyes, I was itching to get a good pounding and I could tell by the look in his eyes he was itching to give it to me. So when I was headed towards the locker room I looked over my shoulder and I knew he understood the invitation.

There was no one but me in the locker room when he got in there “Sit” I told him and he eagerly obeyed sitting right on the bench. He was about to get my best strip tease. I pulled my hair out of its messy bun and slowly peeled off my shirt. He shifted to get up and I just pushed him back down and got on his lap gabbing his hand and guiding his fingers over my bra straps but not letting him cup my breasts. He was excited I could feel his cock hardening and so I brought his left hand up, putting his index finger in my mouth. Giving a soft suck hand his eyes rolling into the back of his head from the sheer thought of my mouth being around his cock sucking instead of his finger.

I quickly shifted up and slowly slid my sweats down letting him see my sexy purple and black panties underneath, he tried to get up again and I pushed him right back down “No, just enjoy the strip tease for now” I told him flicking his nose in a scolding manner. He seemed pretty annoyed but I didn’t care I turned away making him watch my pretty round ass jiggle and wiggle about. I seated myself right back in his lap grinding against him “Your only allowed to run your fingers over me” I instructed him. I could feel that cock twitch and throb from between my ass cheeks, he was straining in his pants. “Yes ma’am” he managed out while I just kept grinding on him. He lightly let his fingers graze over my skin lightly caressing and touching me just like I had instructed him…..

Do you want to know what happened after the strip tease? Call me!