Strip Poker can be strategic. Out at the bar the other night and I meet this guy, who bought me a few drinks. We started to talk and he asked if I liked to watch porn, well who doesn’t. Next he asked if I like to watch men jerk off, is he serious, that is so fucking hot. So I proceed to tell him how it is one of my favorite things, to watch a man stroke his own huge cock. How it makes me all wet from the first moment they grab it. I love how men work their own cocks, while I play with my very wet pussy.Then he asks if I want to go back to his place and watch some porn, maybe something else.

So we go to his place, he puts on some three some style porn, which is my favorite, and I think I might have found a new boy toy. Just as the movie starts his roommates come home. I begin to get disappointed  in the fact that I would not be able to watch him jerk off. His roommates joined right in on watching porn. I quickly observed the fact that I was the only girl among three men, I began to ask if they would be willing to let me watch them jerk off. The one suggest that we play strip poker for it.

The game was on, I was not going to lose, I was so wet, so excited, and ready to play. We started to make out the rules, first one to lose has to do whatever the winner wanted, but we would only play with one card highest wins, lowest loses. First hand I got a 3, Dave got a 6, John got a 5, and Mark got a 10. So they said I had to take one piece of clothing of my choice, well problem, I am not wearing any panties or bra, oh what should I take off. All of them agreed for my top, first. Second hand I got the Queen, Dave got 2, John a 4 and Mark 7. Oh my Dave has such a nice chest, I just want to lick it, from his neck to his cock, mm. I am getting wetter by the minute. Round Three who will get naked this time?

Want me to finish this call me and I will tell you just how I handled all three of these boys, how one was in the corner sucking his thumb for me. You wont be disappointed.

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