Ever played strip poker with the neighbor? I did. It all started when I had a few drinks with my friends at the local bar, then we returned to my house tripping over our feet from all the drinks. My neighbor was outside looking all lonely I invited him over so we could keep him company. My girlfriend found a deck of my cards and we thought maybe some drinking games would be fun. I grabbed the drinks she shuffled the cards. I don’t if it was the drinks or if he just looked good in that button up and jeans. All we could think about was does he look just as good underneath all those clothes so we decided to play some strip poker with the neighbor.

The first round we lost so we took off our tops. Second round I won, my girlfriends had to lose their bras and the neighbor boy unbuttoned his shirt and our mouths dropped all we wanted to do was run our hands all over his tone stomach and chest, you could tell by his biceps he spends his extra time working out. Third round I won again must be beginners luck I told them as I laughed. I watch the ladies step out of their skirts all that’s left is their panties and that sexy neighbor unbutton his jeans and slid them off, he looks so sexy standing there in his boxers with that smirk on his face. I was already thinking about places I could put his cock. Third round I win again and I watch as everyone strips out of the last item of clothing they are wearing. Keep reading to find out how Strip poker with the neighbor turned into a naughty group sex session.


The neighbors cock was so tasty looking and all those drinks gave me the liquid courage to do what I had been thinking since we started playing strip poker with the neighbor. I stood up pushed him down in the chair and shoved his cock inside my mouth my girlfriends and I share clothes shoes and make up why not cock so they joined in with me. Oral tease for the neighbor boy he was so tasty too. We grabbed his hand and let him to the bed room where my girlfriends kept sucking his throbbing cock while I bent over in front of him slid my panties down and started masturbating in front of him while taking the other hand and spanking my ass. The more he watched the harder he got in there mouths, this is only the beginning to what is to cum. Lets have a few drinks and masturbate to our exotic stories, Even role play a few of our fantasies together.

Masturbating to my neighbor is fun!

 Strip poker

Kinky Kelsey