My Uncle Chaz is 10 years older than I am.  I remember him as the young, cool, moody uncle who would show up late for holiday gatherings, cause a bit of a scene and drank too much.  He was my favorite uncle. I was surprised when he called me one night from a bus station in my city.  I learned that he was heading to Canada to see some friends but decided to take a detour and pay me a visit. I was thrilled to be able to spend time with him.  I picked him up from the bus station, brought him home with me, fed him dinner and brought out a bottle of whiskey.  We drank and talked, did some catching up.  Within an hour, we were both drunk. Chaz suggested we play cards to pass the time.  Strip poker was his game of choice. In my current mental state, I figured it was perfectly reasonable to take my clothes off  for my uncle so I agreed.   We played and slowly, the clothes came off. We played the last hand.  I was in my panties and he was in his boxers.  Chaz announced that the loser had to do anything the winner aked.   I won. I thought for a minute.  “Come here and jerk yourself off.”  He instantly rose from his chair and stood next to me, his cock getting harder as he grabbed it and he looked right into my eyes as he stroked himself   He moaned and touched my tits as he pulled faster. He lifted me and placed me on the kitchen table.  He put my legs over his shoulders and began licking my pussy.   He wildly ran his tongue all over me as if i was his favorite flavor of ice cream. He slid his cock into my quivering pussy and I immediately started bucking my hips, fucking him back hard.  He stood still and enjoyed the ride for a minute before he took control again, lifted my ass up high so that my pussy was chest level to him.  He stuck his tongue into my pussy and pushed it in and out.  I couldn’t believe I was being tongue fucked by my Uncle and thoroughly enjoying it.  I wiggled my hips, rubbing my clit harder against his tongue and within seconds, I was basking in a massive orgasm. Uncle Chaz placed my ass back down on the table and he started to fuck me again with his big meat stick.  Every stroke sent little waves of pleasure through my clit and I knew I was minutes away from another orgasmic spasm.  He thrust harder and deeper, grabbing my hips and pulling me towards him with every push. He held still for a second and I felt his cock pulsating inside me.  He pulled it out and held it over my pussy and drizzled his man milk all over me.  I sighed as I watched it cover my mound and lips in big pools of liquid protein. Unfortunately, Uncle Chaz left early the next morning but I kissed him as he left and told him he was by far my very favorite uncle. Incest is the best! Let’s have some kinky family fun! There is NO limit to what we can do!



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