Strip Poker Fun

Strip Poker Fun with my dirty party buddy is one of my favorite games! He will call me when he comes home from the strip club. He calls me and I get so excited just hearing his voice because I know we are going to have some hot dirty fun.

I get out my deck of cards as he stands, waiting for me to deal. I deal the first hand and he gets a 3 of clubs. Then I smile as I reveal to him. My card is a ten of diamonds. I get to tell him what to do. “Take off your pants!” I order. He takes off his khakis that he wears to work. He stands there with his pants off. He’s wearing jockey briefs and a t-shirt now. I tell him to take his right hand and slide it down his underwear.

“Wrap that big hand around your dick and pour lube on it. Now stroke it for me.” I tell him.  he takes his big thick dick and he grips it from the base. He slowly starts to stroke it for me. It makes me wet watching his cock get rock hard.

I deal another hand. This time I lose. He tells me to take off my panties. I take them off as instructed. I stand up and let them slide off of my hips. “Ok, they are off.” I say. He tells me to get on the couch and put my knees up. He tells me to spread my legs and play with my pussy.

I slide my fingers down my pussy lips and begin to masturbate. He is masturbating too. I tell him to cum for me and he does. I do too1

Another successful game of cards!

Let’s play dirty games together!

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