The men are always heading to the strip club for a boy’s night out. And, I get it. Hot mostly naked chicks dancing on stage for them. Lot’s of booze and silly manly jokes all night long. Of course, I don’t think they’re at the strip club sucking dick.

At least, I don’t think so. Hahaha. Well, my girlfriends and I are going for a girl’s night out too. Additionally, we are going to the strip club to have some fun of our own! And, for us, the night a the strip club will rock!

We are going to a female strip club. All those hotties on stage will get our pussies nice and wet. And, to we can make out for all the guys in the audience. Hell, maybe the strippers will enjoy watching us too.

Spending time at a strip club sucking dick rocks!

You already know I am a wild nympho MILF that loves all things kinky. This is going to give me multiple orgasms throughout the night. Between my girlfriends and I playing with each other and the other fun I am getting into, it will be a blast!

Of course, I am going to use The Art of Seduction on the men in the audience. They will be rock hard in their pants, leaking precum like crazy for this sexy diva. Once they are unable to resist, we get them into a private area at the strip club sucking dick.

Then, the real party begins. Between my girls and I and the strippers we invite, it will be one naughty event. Those men will be leaving the club super happy.

Of course, so will we. We are getting off too!

The drinks are going down and so are we. My girls and I are showing off for the audience. All the men are going crazy between us and the sexy strippers. Some of the strippers are coming down and playing with us too.

A few of the guys suggest a private room and off we go. Of course, we get to choose the strippers. Once back in the room, it is a girl on girl fest first. All of us making out for the guys. We will be at the strip club sucking dick soon though.

The men are rubbing their cocks as we show off and then we pair off and start dancing for them. Of course, the strippers have rules about touching, but we don’t. They watch as we pull out their cocks and get down to suck them.

These guys know they have hit the jackpot with us!

One thing the strippers do love is rubbing all over us as we are working the guy’s dicks. They are not shy either. Sliding their fingers inside our panties and working our clits. Oh, shit, my first climax, baby!

I am working a huge cock on a sexy mother fucker as he shoots his first load all over my titties. Surprisingly, one of his friends leans over and starts licking it off of me. Oh, shit, these boys are freaky. Of course, best girl’s night out at the strip club sucking dick!

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