Ring Ring, Wallet – Pick up the phone or you’ll be sorry! 

You were due to settle up this week and I still haven’t seen that deposit come through. Well, you remember our contract don’t you? Let me remind you that the price you pay is with family members when you cross me! Oh don’t cry, slime ball. This time is will be something you’ve been dying to see anyway. Cocks stretching out young holes – specifically the ones on your little teeny-bopper daughter.  There is a little bit of a catch though so don’t get too excited. 

Do you remember all those teen phone sex calls we did together in the past?

You certainly LOVED hearing all about stretching young holes during those as I recall. Well, don’t fret sweetheart- your punishment will be equally kinky and demented. I did have a quick question for you. What was your precious little daughter’s name again? Do you know if she’s a cum hungry slut just like her Da-da? Honestly, I can’t wait to hear her scream with her own Daddy’s cock in her mouth. That’s right- your punishment is to commit incest! 

Did you think I wouldn’t take note of our previous incest phone sex sessions as well? 

I remember every little fucking detail to be perfectly frank. I’m just giving you what you have always wanted, paypig. I told you before there would be a huge debt to pay off with me that money couldn’t actually pay for. This is it! Stretching young holes out all night long. I hope you think fondly back to memories of changing her diapers as a sweet innocent little thing. While I do realize this will be rough on all of your relationships, I have an additional bonus offer. 

Sign your daughter over to me. 

I will pimp her out to pay off the financial burden of your missed payments. You do realize that I had to skip getting my fucking nails done last week, right? All because of you and I are so majorly pissed off about it. The only thing that will justify what you have done to me is to spend the time stretching young holes out on your little baby doll. I warned you what could and would happen if you messed up with me. All of the details were in the document you signed years ago when we first started our domination sessions. 

I’ll pick her up from school today, you just wait here and think about what you’ve done. 

She’s all mine now and I know that this bargain is bigger than you could have imagined. That being said, it is the only way to get back in good graces with me. This will be the very last time you make a mistake of this nature, that much I can guarantee! Stretching young holes is something I take extremely seriously. In fact, I want you to meet us at the truck stop glory hole. I’m going to let you go first on her then it will be your job to take the payments from the rest of the customers who come in. 

See you in 30 mins and don’t be late. You really don’t want to make this worse, trust me. 


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke