I did not care! I wanted to be a strangers sex slut!

Strangers sex I love it! I became a strangers sex slave. I wanted to be used however they wanted to use me. Fuck me however each of the strangers wanted to fuck me. I wanted to give strangers full control of me. So I did, I had a really kinky friend and she was always doing crazy shit. So one day I asked her about my fetish about being a strangers sex slave. She told me she knew exactly what to do and how to help me.

I became really excited. But she asked me, “Are you sure you want this? Things can get really crazy and weird?”

So she explained to me what I needed to do and what kind of stranger’s dicks would be in me. Some might even be a bum off the street. But I would never even know it because I would be blindfolded and used. All-day and maybe even all night. I was ready to try this!

So she told me she would be my mistress, and to meet her at a certain location. So when the time came I did just as she said and wore what she told me. I knocked on the door and two large men opened the door and pulled me in. A blindfold was instantly put on me and they started to strip me down.

My blood started to grow warm and my pussy was so wet. I was getting really worked up for what was to come next! I was not even sure what to expect but I was ready for whatever was to cum my way. They then put a collar and leash on me and started to pull me to walk. I could not see where I was going or what was going on. But I could hear people talking all around me. I figured I was out in public. Then that is when everything started.

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