Stranger fuck? Better than “stranger danger.”

Ever had a hot, unexpected stranger fuck? They seem to follow me wherever I go, but when they do happen it still takes me by surprise!

When I first moved into the house I live in now, my landlord told me make a “Needs Fixed” list. Item #1: the windows. It honestly didn’t bother me too much having a busted storm window in the (what would have been if your typical “American Family” had moved in instead of me, presumably) den . . . an easy break-in spot keeps things exciting, right? Save the “stranger danger” for someone else — I prefer a stranger fuck anyday.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to hear the (misguided, paternalistic) “A Single Woman Living Alone Needs To Be Careful” speech. All the neighbors already thought I was a weird for being a single woman living in this big house alone. They always ask me the same two questions: “Just you??” and then the inevitable follow-up, “No kids?!?” Ha ha. Yeah right! Good thing I don’t give a fuck . . .

I’m always tempted to respond with “maybe when hell freezes over” but usually stick with a polite, succint “nope!” Sometimes I even fantasize about telling them what I’m really doing inside my big house all day and all night: having some nasty adult chat that would give a sailor a run for his/her (pottymouth) money!

Six months after I gave him the list, my landlord finally took care of the window problem. Both days of my window makeover so far have featured two men, drilling, other manly things . . . the first day I can’t say I would have been open to a satisfying stranger fuck with either of them. But today? Today one of yesterday’s window-installers must have brought his nephew instead of his brother. Who knows how that boy got in on this sweet gig . . . but oh, he did get in on it!

Ever had a surprise stranger fuck? Give me a call and tell me about your nasty close encounter(s) . . . or to hear more about mine . . . or better yet, maybe we can role play a kinky stranger fuck-a-thon of our very own??


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