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His BBC So Big And Think This Stranger Was Going To Give Me Such A Big Facial.

As I got to him I dropped right onto my knees wrapping my hands around his cock. I could feel this cock throbbing and pulsating. Gently I started to stroke his cock. All the way to the tip I added another hand and was really stroking his cock. The look on his face was priceless like OMG who is this stranger and it feels so good. He wasn’t ready for the sloppy messy blow job he was about it get. I lifted his cock up and started on his big swollen balls.

Gently I started rubbing and massaging those balls. I could feel his cock doing a little dance in my hands as the head of his mushroom head flared. The blood had already rushed to the tip and was throbbing now. His BBC was so big and thick this stranger was going to give me such a big Facial. Slowly I started jerking at a faster pace feeling his cock pulsating and throbbing in my hands. 

The Stranger Was Going To Blow Soon And I Knew It. 


I leaned down and kissed the tip of his huge mushroom head. Wrapping my tongue around the tip, Massaging his black cock with my tongue.  He let out a moan and a little bit of pre-cum started to oz out the tip. Pulling back I wanted to watch the pre-cum oz from his BBC head.  The BBC  stranger was going to blow soon and give me a full facial.

Grabbing his cock I gently jammed it all the way down my throat. His huge stranger BBC was starting to gag me. He grabbed the back of my head and started powering driving all the way down my throat. I started drooling down my chin he was using my mouth so rough.  

He Was Watching How Much Of This Stranger BBC I Could Take


As he was mouth fucking me deep another stranger came from behind the house on the left. He slowly walked up and watched me taking this huge Stranger BBC. The new stranger pulled his little white cock out and watched me while he jerked his little cock.


I Was Drenched Head To Toe In All His Thick BBC Cum What A Messy Facial.


The BBC was ready to blow his cock so hard he pulled out my mouth and stood right in front of my hand on his cock and started to blow. It was like a water hose it spewing out everywhere.  I was drenched head to toe in all his thick BBC cum what a messy facial.

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