Coming back at you with some more sexy and strange sex toys! I know how much you enjoyed part one of this series.  If you haven’t read my Naughtiest Sex Toy Blog go read it now! Oh, you want to read this one first? You little Rebel I love it!  Just think of the Hot Phone Sex we could have talking about all these naughty toys!  Let’s get ongoing with this strange sex toy list!

Strange Sex Toy: The Rubber Gates Of Hell

Yes, This Bad Boy is Going on that pathetic cock of yours!  It’s For my Pleasure, not yours!

What is it!?: This might seem like some sort of torture device and you would be about half right. This bad boy is called the Rubber Gates Of Hell for a reason. This is a Cock harness.  All the information that I have found on it recommends the use of lube! So do forget to slick your dick up before you pop on this new toy!

How Much is it?: Well, don’t you worry to try this toy on that cock of yours won’t break your bank it won’t even make your wallet cry! That’s right this cost less than a tank of gas in that car you drive. Sliding in at a cool 12$  this is a safe bet to buy and try!

Strange Sex Toys: The Baby Jesus Butt Plug


When you need just a little bit more Jesus in your life… Just Stick it up the but!

What is it?: What is this strange twisted baby like a pink figure? It’s no other than the Baby Jesus Butt Plug. Let that sink in just a moment, not any Jesus but Baby Jesus! This Blasphemous little toy will be sure to make you a little less Holey (ha!).  That with some fun playtime with your partner you definitely will be screaming Oh My GOD!

How much is it?:  Exactly how much does it cost to disappoint your mother?  Make your fellow Churchgoers pray for you and your unholy sins? This Baby Jesus Butt Plug can be yours for 38$. I might not get you into heaven but it may help you see God.

Strange Sex Toy: The Jack Hammer Jesus Dildo


Serious Baby Jesus Up Your Ass wasn’t Enough? Now We gotta Fuck with Full Blown Jesus on the cross?

What is it?:  Well, on with the trend of religious figures as sex objects here we have Crucified Jesus. Ever take a look at a cross and wonder ” Hmm, I wonder what this would feel like up my tight hole?”. Well, then this is the toy for you! This Jesus is Hung for you. How Hung is Jesus? He is 7.5 inches long and 1.75 inches in diameter. At that point around they should have just given him the two inches.

How Much Is it?: This completely sinful toy that will bring your mother to tears and your father calling the priest is a lovely price of 69$. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your needs into your pleasure leading to damnation.

Strange Sex Toy: Orca Whale Dildo


That childhood dream of riding a whale and freeing Willy isn’t what you expected, was it?

What is it?:  This is a dildo, But not like any other Dildo you have ever seen! This Lovely Large Piece of Work is a replica of an as the title says A Orca Whale Cock. There is no sugar coating this, if you are adventurous enough to ride WIlly’s willy then you will be feeling it in the morning! Needless to say, you might have to invest in one of those 50 gal containers of lube to get your needy starfish to except this horny predator!

How Much is it? Well doing the deepest dive and casting out the widest net to score the info on this unique toy has brought up mix results. The Price of the Orca Whale cock ranges depending on the size of the toy and the site you purchase it from.   I have seen a smaller one posted at 120$ with color variation to a pretty large one listed at 500$ With 5 color choices.

Strange Sex Toy: What’s next?

Stay tuned to my blog! Part Three of my Strange Sex Toy Series will be out so soon!

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