Stories about sex, and the pathetic premature ejaculator.

Stories about sex, and the pathetic premature ejaculator. His hands wandered all over my body. The passion between us was so hot you could see the steam coming off your bodies and the beads of sweat dripping down our bodies. His hand found my pussy and began to rub me with fumbling fingers, he couldn’t wait to touch my soaking wet pussy. Pushing me up against walls and kissing me it all became a big blur with every move we made all I know is that we broke a lot of stuff off tables as he pushed my naked body against them.

Things were really starting to get hot my pussy was so wet his fingers just glided inside me. I wanted to feel his cock inside me so bad I wanted to scream with need. He kissed his way down my body, Hovering his mouth above my pussy. I could feel the heat from his breath as he began to lick and explore my pussy. He ate me like I was the best-tasting thing he had ever eaten. After he tasted my creamy pussy he leaned his body against mine kissing me deep letting me taste myself on him. That’s when I felt the tip of his cock slide into my juicy hole… But that is all that he got in me before he came. This little bitch built me up to prematurely ejaculated in me.

Stories about sex, Hot and sexy turned to humiliation!

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