Stories About Sex Just Got Hotter

Stories about sex don’t have to be boring.  They can be about anything and happen anywhere, at any time, with anyone.  Joey gets more than he bargains for when funds are short and he needs some quick cash to see him through the rest of the semester.  Going on dates with hot college girls wasn’t cheap.  He knew he should have budgeted better.  With only a month left, he had absolutely nothing left.  Not even money for food.  He knew that he’d never hear the end of it if he asked his old man for money and, even though he was sure his mother would loan him a few thousand without question, he just didn’t want to ask his mom for money on her birthday.  so he needed to earn it himself.

So, off he went to The Lucky Lady –a male strip joint– to audition.

But before he left, he called up his sweet mom to wish her a wonderful happy birthday.  Lucy, the woman who ran the place, liked his wiggle and give him the job.  Joey was so happy.  He had only one request of Lucy though; that he wear some kind of mask.  He didn’t want anyone he knew to recognize him.

The sun went down and the doors flew open with the most rambunctious bunch of women looking to have a good time.  Apparently, it was someone’s birthday and, since they definitely were willing to drop the cash, they got the star treatment.  No limits.  No rules.  They’d seen every stripper perform there except for one.  This last-minute “Masked Bandito” had them all excited.  The stage lights turned up, the music started to pump, and out came this hot, young thing with a nice thick ‘gun’ ready to earn some cash.

The way he swayed his hips and teased them with his moves had the stage full of mountains of singles.  But, as he was picking up his haul, he spied the birthday girl fingering for him to come to her.

He couldn’t believe it!  Mom?!

She said she was going to bible study…!…right after he said he was going to the library to study.  He had to keep up the charade.  He masked his voice with some fake Spanish accent as he walked over to his mother.  She looked him up and down and pulled $500 dollars out of her purse.

“You.  Me.  Backroom.  Anything goes.  What do you say, stud?” She asked, teasing the wad of cash in and out of his micro speedos.  How many times before had she done this?  She was a regular pro-john!  And the insane part was that Joey was considering it.

What would you do in this situation?  Would you fuck your own mom for $500 bucks if she didn’t know it was you?  Would you let her milk your cock in some seedy hole in the wall?  Has this actually happened to you?  Give Crystal a call and tell her all about your stories about sex!

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