Everyone loves hearing and listening to stories about sex. I have another special treat for you tonight.

One of my favorite perverted callers wanted to share just one of his many stories about sex. Since, it show cases one of my favorite fetishes, I thought I would share it with you.

“You know how much I love making you into my filthy little milk slut. I know I must be such a pervert, but imagining your tits engorged with milk gets my cock rock hard. You tell me how sore and full your tits feel how much heavier they feel since they have filled with milk. Already you are driving me wild. Then you make sure you tell me all about how much you’ve been leaking.

You must have ruined all of your shirts.

Luckily I know just how to fix that for you: by milking you! I know you have been craving for that, I can hear it in your voice. Your tits feel so sore and full if you are not milked. And I can tell you feel desperate. I have you take your shirt off and play with your nipples. Then you tell me all about how wet they are from leaking. I can hear the desperation in your voice and I know just how I can fix it.

I love taking my time though, I like to make you beg and plead for at least a good solid hour. By that point you will just do anything I say, no matter what. I finally let you milk your tits after an hour or so has passed and I cum so fucking hard, just as always.

You know just how to fulfill my deepest fantasies of mine. Every time I call I am always so satisfied, I cannot wait to do another call with you very soon!”

Submitted by Anonymous

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