Stories about sex with Kinky Teen

Stories about sex- I love when guys share their hot fantasies…here is a good one Jim sent me to act out on the phone with him. Jim calls me and off we go!

My friend Kelly is just leaving. We were laying out in the sun together…
You: Hi, Jim.
(Then talking to Kelly… “Okay. Today was fun. Call me later!”)
Jim: how is Kelly?
Sara: She’s good. We were just having some girl time
Jim: Girl-girl time? lol
Sara: (laugh) Nope. Not today!
Jim: Wait… What?

Sara: (Big laugh) I’m just kidding, silly.
Jim: Are you?
Sara: Stop… What’s going on?
Jim: You didn’t sound like you were kidding

Sara: Oh my God. Let it go!

Jim: Just tell… Have you two ever done anything?
Sara: Jim, stop.
Jim: Just be honest. Something has happened, hasn’t it?
Sara: (sigh) Yes.
Jim: I knew it!

Sara: You can’t tell anyone! She’d kill me for saying anything.

jim: Details!
Sara: Nope. Just drop it.
Jim: C’mon! How did it start?

Sara: (sigh) We were both frustrated with our men. We decided to take a day away from everything & everyone We drove up to Palm Beach and got a hotel room for the night. Then we were laying out by the pool. She asked me to put lotion on her back. I did her back and started doing the backs of her legs. As I started getting higher, she slowly started spreading them. I thought it was kind of weird at first, but kept going. I stopped pretty high up her thighs. She was moaning a little. Well, trying not to moan. Then she kinda whispered “Don’t stop.” So I continued to move my hands higher. I got right up to her bikini & she spread her legs more for me  & kinda lifted her hips a bit. I touched her.. um..

Jim: Say it, Sara

Sara: I touched her pussy through the fabric. She kinda jumped a little. I kept rubbing. I saw her hands squeezing the lounger. Then I kept rubbing. I slid her bikini bottoms over and…

Me: AND?
((You start rubbing your clit as you continue on ))

Sara: I started fingering her. She came pretty quickly. She shook like crazy. Then she looked back at me & smiled & said, “Thank you, Sara.” We went to our room and she repayed the favor. And now every few months when we need a break, & we go back to that hotel.

Jim: How many times have you two done it?

Sara: Five or six. There are some pretty cool toys out there, let me tell ya! (Laugh!)


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