It is 10:30 at night and I am trying to get ready for bed after the horrible day I had.
My day started off with me getting stood up for the last time. This guy I have been seeing off and on for about six months has done nothing but play games and jerk me around. The only reason I put up with Matt was because  he has a huge cock. But enough was enough, after this last time it is over.
Now I have to wait around for his best friend to stop by and pick up his stuff. Not want I really want to be doing with my night. I just want to jump in my bed and sleep.
Fuck his car just pulled up, I hope he is not a jerk. Just get his shit and go…
I answered the door and it was his brother Brian instead. I was shocked to see Brian standing there because of the two of them Brian is much hotter. I let him in to grab Matt’s stuff as I tried to hide my excitement.
Brian was always quiet and polite to me  when I would see him. It never failed that I would catch him checking out my tits and ass every time.
I decided that going to bed was still an option, but I was thinking taking Brian with me was even better.
I made sure that I walked in front of Brian as we walk down the hall way so that he can see that I am not wearing anything under my short shorts, giving him a great view of my ass.
I turn to tell him that all of his brothers shit was in the box by my bedroom door. That’s when I noticed that my plan was working. And from the size of the bulge in his pants it was working well.
Brian was a little embarrassed when he caught me looking at his hard cock through his pants. I figured it was now or never, I reached out and started rubbing his cock. Holly shit was it hard and thick. He was ready to rip his pants it was straining so much. Brian did not resist me at all as I started to release his straining cock from his pants. I was not going to waste any time, I had to wrap my lips around his cock. As I started to engulf his cock he was letting
Sounds of sheer pleasure. And from the grip he had on the back of my head I knew he was not going to last very long.
After a few minutes Brian started to tense up and began shooting load after load of hot cum down my throat.
I was in heaven and did not want it to end.  I made sure that after I milked his cock dry that I kept it nice and hard.
My pussy was already soaking wet from the excitement for sucking this massive cock. I stood up and lowered my shorts. Showing off my tiny little Landing strip and wet pussy.
Before he could say a word I turned around and bent over. With out hesitation he slid his massive cock right into my pussy. There we where in the hallway, his pants down around his ankles and me getting fucked from be hind. It felt like he was stretching me to my limits and filling me completely. I have never been fucked so hard in my life. After 15 20 minutes of me screaming and him pounding away, he shot another massive load in my sloppy wet pussy.
Once we caught our breath we stumbled into the bed room where we collapsed for the night….
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