huge load gifI am laying here totally spent after the fucking that I just received. The day from hell that started out with me and Matt breaking up, finished with me on the receiving end of about a gallon of cum from his younger and hotter brother Brian. Between the giant load he shot down my throat to the hot gushing load he filled my pussy with. I am a complete cum dumpster and I love it.
Just as I think Brian is sneaking out of bed to leave like his brother Matt had done sooooo many times before. He starts to pull the covers back exposing my cum covered pussy that was red and used. There was a giant wet spot that I did not even have the energy to move out if. He slowly ran his hands up my thighs until they rested just above my tint little land unsung strip of hair. With out hesitation he dove for my cum soaked pussy with his warm mouth. He started to tung fuck me with such passion that I could hardly take it. Realizing that he was eagerly digging his own cum from my pussy only made me buck my hips more.
Finally I could not take it anymore I needed to control the situation. I flipped him over on his back and startled his face waiting for him to continue his assault on my pussy. After a few seconds of him not moving I realized that he was laying there with his mouth wide open catching all of his cum that was running out of my well fucked pussy.
The only thing hotter then what he was doing was realizing that his brother Matt was standing just outside of the bedroom door watching the whole thing. Apparently Matt had come over with Brian to get his stuff. He was to much of a pussy to get it him self. When his brother did not come right back out he decided to see what was keeping him. Well now he knows, MY PUSSY IS WHAT KEPT HIM. ..
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