Looking through the door way was my Ex boyfriend. His mouth was wide open in surprise but his hand was hard at work rubbing his swollen cock. The fact that he was so turned on seeing me strataling  his younger brothers face with my soaking wet pussy, tells me that he was not watching long enough to know that his brother dumped a massive load of cum in me and was licking it from my pussy.
Matt was the type of guy that would not even come close to eating my pussy for two or three days after he dumped his cum in me. If I sucked his cock and let him cum in my mouth he would avoid kissing me for a week.
That’s when it hit me, my revenge was going to be fun. I climbed off of Brian’s face and laid down next to him rubbing my pussy with one hand a jerking Brian’s fat cock with the other. Matt took the hint when I spread my legs as far as I could so he could see my exposed pussy. Matt entered the room stripping off his clothes in expectation of a good time. He positioned his face right at my soaking wet pussy and dove right in. The feeling of my well fucked pussy getting tong fucked nearly sent me over the edge. Matt was attacking my pussy so hard and fast that his face was covered not only in my flowing pussy juice but his brother Brian’s baby batter. Matt licked all the way down to my asshole that had cum running down it form the overflow of cum Brian planted in me. The faster Matt went, the harder I jerked at Brian’s fat cock. Things where getting so hot between kissing Brian, getting my pussy devoured and tugging for dear life on Brian’s cock. Matt never noticed how uncomfortably close his face was to his brothers man hood. I held one hand on Matt’s head as tight as I could. Brian’s cock got as hard as steel in my other hand. I knew that meant that he was so close to blowing his load. Just as I felt his cock start to twitch I yanked Matt’s head away from my pussy by his hair. The sudden jolt of his hair being  pulled and his head yanked back caused his mouth to widen in pain. This was perfect timing because Brian started to shoot the biggest load of cum yet. The spray shot out of his cock with such force. Every shot landed right on target, in Matt’s wide open mouth. As Brian was finishing his load Matt was trying to gain his composure and figure out what was happening. Before he could figure it out and try to spit his brothers cum out. I slammed his face back down on my pussy. The mixture of what was going on and his cum soaked tong slamming in and out of my pussy was more then I could handle. Wave after wave of cum poured from my pussy in the most intense orgasm I have EVER felt in my life.
Revenge was mine!!!!
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