My Silky Black Stockings Made Him Cum Over and Over

Stockings fetish that would drive any man crazy. It’s amazing how many men love a sexy woman wearing stockings and a pair of heels. I have a lot of fun making guys happy by wearing a special outfit just for them.  What’s your fantasy or pleasure?  Ready to have a little fun with your naughty fetish?

I adore my special little tease Brent. There’s nothing better than dressing up in sexy black silky stockings, a lovely lace bra – panties to match and my six inch stiletto heels. He knew he was gonna get lucky and I was on a mission to drive him insane.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of me. I knew he wanted to fuck me, but I had other things planned for him. I wanted to see how far I could push him.  I was driving him insane, as I commanded for him to undress. I waited patiently as he got naked.


Brent was already getting excited and very hard. I knew the anticipation would drive him crazy and what was to follow would throw him over the edge. His I stood there with my hands on my hips and looked him right in the eyes, showing him I was completely serious. He seemed extremely excited, as I told him to get down on his knees and lick my heels clean.  I felt the rush of dominance that over my body, as my pussy quivered with pure excitement. He dropped to his knees and leaned forward, pressing his face against my sexy little heels, as he flickered his tongue and licked my shoes.  He began licking them with long, slow swipes, covering them with spit. I could see streaks of saliva, as he moved across my toes and along the inner side of my sexy foot. His hands held my ankle and calf, as he rubbed my stocking covered leg. Gently his fingers pressed into me. I could hear him moaning, as his lips slipped off my foot and he moved higher up my sexy long legs.


Brent needed and wanted every inch of me.  He nuzzled his face against my leg, as he stroked me like a puppy eager for attention. I pulled my leg away from him and told him to remain in position.  Reluctantly he released his hold and he let me go.  He stayed kneeling and begged for more.  I could see his stiff cock leaking a ton of pre-cum. I moved away from him and was about to get on the bed when I had an even better idea. I stood there and parted my legs slightly then looked over my shoulder at him. “I know how much you love my stockings.Why don’t I fuck you with them?” I asked  <wicked lil laugh>  I slowly ran my hand along my leg and between my creamy thighs. “C’mere puppy – I want you right here.” I said, as I continued caressing my stocking legs.  He got behind me and slowly moved forward. His dick slipped between my stocking covered thighs, as I pressed back against him. I squeezed him just enough for the pressure and friction to totally stimulate his cock. He put his hands on my hips and began thrusting himself back and forth.  His throbbing dick was fucking my thighs with steady strokes. His dick popped in and out of the front of my thighs.  Each time he moved, I gave the head of his cock a little extra squeeze. I could feel his shaft lightly tugging against my black silky sheer stockings.


As his cock rubbed against my skin, he groaned behind me and murmured about how fucking great it felt. He moved faster yanking me backwards, as he panted on the back of my neck. His thrusts became shorter and faster.  His moans turned into grunts, as he began to cum. His dick began shooting strings of cum all over the front of my thighs.  The sloppy mess of cum landed on me and slowly dripped down my sexy sheer black stockings. A few last good thrusts, as I stopped squeezing my creamy thighs together.  He gasped, as he slid his dick out   and gave my stockings one last rub.  I could feel the cum soaking through my stockings He look at the mess he created and was a little embarrassed by the mess. He didn’t need to feel that way.  I actually thought is was rather hot.


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