I Love To Tease A Stockings Lover

A stockings lover is very easy to detect among a crowd of men especially when since I am a little tease. Recently I got a part-time job at a local hip marketing office. Everyone dresses quite impressive so I knew I had to look the part as well. My first couple of days I didn’t wear any stockings and it was only after another girl I work with mentioned how much my boss loved them. I didn’t actually own a pair so as soon as I got out of work I went to the mall and picked up a few pairs.

The first day I wore them I noticed my boss noticed right away. Before he wouldn’t really talk to me much unless it was really necessary but now, he would just want me in his office for the simplest of tasks. A few days passed and he seemed to be taking way more interest in me. For the days to come, I wore a variation of the same outfit. Black tight skirts with a different colored blouse. Under the skirts, I wore stockings, with no panties underneath. I always wore pumps high enough to make my ass look even better as I walked passed men.

One afternoon he asked if I could stay a bit later at the office. I did as I thought I would only help him with work but I was very wrong. Once we were completely alone he told me exactly how much he liked me walking around in my pumps and my stockings. Without him asking I took off my skirt and sat on the couch he had in his office while he stood by his desk. I opened up my legs and slipped my hand under the stockings and I started playing with my pussy. I closed my eyes in pleasure and came for him, very hard. I could see that his cock was hard and crawled to him.

That night my boss gave me the best-tasting cum I’ve ever had. It didn’t take long either. I swallowed every last drop.

Are You A Stockings Lover?
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