Stockings and Heels to Drive them All crazy

Stockings & heels. I was asked to escort a “friend” of mine, Ray,  to a benefit dinner with all of these big company executives. He was trying to wine and dine his way into their cash lined pockets and get them to invest in some new kind of software his company was pushing. So of course, I obliged. Ray handed me his credit card and told me to get something expensive and hot.

*wicked grin* What girl doesn’t wanna hear that?

“Make sure you wear stockings & heels to drive them crazy,” he said before leaving.

Stockings & Heels. Hmmmmm, the possibilities are endless. So I went shopping. After spending all day at the mall I decided on a hot little black crushed velvet dress. I love the way velvet feels on my soft smooth skin. It hugs all my curves and puts them on perfect display. As for the stockings and heels, I chose black sheer stockings, with sexy seams lining the back. I love the way they cling and show off my long sexy legs. The heels I chose 5-inch Stiletto spike heels.

My date was knocking at the door when I called for him to come in. I walked slowly out of my bedroom, watching his jaw drop as I approached him. ” Was this what you were thinking Ray?” I hissed. He admired my sexy slow drag, as he tugged on his bottom lip with his teeth. ” Anna, you’re stunning. Those stockings and heels are knee-weakening, and you will have every mans attention tonight…. especially mine”

I smiled and blushed ” Maybe I can give you my full attention after dinner?” I flirted.

We arrived at dinner. As I walked into the room full of big wig businessmen with a feline-like grace, I had their attention. I smiled and flirted innocently all night with the room full of rich strangers. I had a few drinks with a very interesting, very sexy, mouth-watering older man named Drake. In fact, I was so interested, I think my date got a little jealous. While Ray was chatting up the investors, I was getting to know and become quite fond of Drake, so he asked for my number and, of course, I gave it to him.

Ray sealed the deal that evening, and we celebrated by him giving me his undivided attention. He peeled my stockings and heels off slowly. Sliding his fingers into my in-step and letting them drop to the floor. He then bit the lace inner thigh of my stocking, and slowly pulled them off one by one with his teeth. Ray kissed his way up my beautifully pedicured feet, and sexy legs.

He licked and nibbled at my thighs and teased my pussy lips with his amazing tongue.

After licking his way to my orgasm, Ray stood before me, his cock bulging through his slacks. I wanted to taste him, but he teased me. Shoving me back onto the bed, he rubbed the head of his cock into my creamy pussy, just dipping the head into my cummy slit. Ray wanted me to beg for it, and after a few minutes, I pleaded with him to fuck me. I saw the desire in his eyes as he slid that pulsating cock into my wanting pussy, he fucked me so hard, and so good, cumming all over my soft little muff of pubic hair.

I guess it was the stockings & heels.

It drove them all crazy.

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