Stocking Fetish Fantasy

Tell the truth.  What would you rather see?  A woman wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or a woman in heels, stockings, and a skirt/dress that shows off her legs?  I am pretty confident that most of you would choose the latter.  There are many who have a strong stocking fetish fantasy whirling around their brain.

I learned this rather young.

I was in school and part of the show choir.   We were traveling out of state to participate in a competition, for me, it was one of the first time that I was able to travel without any parental supervision.  We were told that everyone had to be in the rooms by 7 p.m. for room checks.

My best friend at the time told me that after they came to check on us we were going out.  Part of me was so excited, but another part was super nervous.  My parents were beyond strict and I was afraid of what would happen if we were to get caught.  However, the excitement was greater than the fear so I agreed.

I came out of the bathroom wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Denise took a look at me and said, “No.”

She then went into her bag, tossed some things at me and told me not to worry about shoes since we were the same size she would let me borrow a pair of hers.  I went back to the bathroom and came back out.  I told her that I didn’t know how to put the stockings on.  She looked at me like I was some sort of idiot.  She helped me put them on, then snapped them onto a garter.

The first place we went to was a hotel up the street from where we were staying.

She walked right into the hotel bar, I followed.  I thought for sure we would get kicked out right away.  I didn’t think we looked old enough to be in there.  She sat right at the bar, I sat next to her.  The bartender came over and said, “What can I get you, two beautiful ladies, this evening?”

I couldn’t believe it!  We were actually going to get served!  She ordered for me and as we waited for our drinks she asked me if I noticed the looks we got when we walked in.  I told her I did not, I was too busy trying not to freak out.  We sat there for a good thirty minutes before three men came over to us.  Denise was not phased in the least, she spoke with them as if she had known them forever.  I was more quiet and subdued.

Before long we were headed back to one of the men’s suite.

I was not used to wearing such high heels.  When I went to step off the elevator the heel caught in the opening of the doors.  I lost my balance, one of the men reached out and grabbed my arm to steady me to save me from falling.  He had me lean against the wall so I could lift my foot up for him to inspect the heel of my shoe to see if it was broken.

When I looked down at him I noticed that he wasn’t looking at my shoe at all.  He was moving his eyes up and down the length of my stocking-clad leg.  I lingered for a moment longer than I felt comfortable with. I asked if there was something wrong.  He replied, “Your legs look gorgeous in these stockings.”

Denise had moved into the bedroom with one of the men.

Leaving me all alone with the man who had saved me from falling over.  The other man had gone back to his room as he was completely smashed by now.  I sat down on the sofa as “Adam” poured me another drink.

After handing it to me I thought he would sit next to me.  However, he sat about two feet away from me.  He looked at me then asked if I would put my legs over his lap.  I thought that was a very weird request but harmless.  I pulled my legs up to place them over his lap.  He rested his hands on my thighs.  Then, he started to lightly run his hands from my ankles to the top of the stockings.

After a few minutes, he paused, looked at me and said, “I have a stocking fetish fantasy, would you help me with it?”

I had no clue what the hell he was talking about.  I have never even heard the word “fetish” before in my life let alone a stocking fetish fantasy.  Not wanting to sound stupid I told him I would.  His eyes lit up.  He made me promise that I wouldn’t mention it to Denise or any of the other men I had met.  I swore that I wouldn’t.

He quickly got up, got undressed then sat back down.  Red flags were flying wildly in my head. I wanted to go, but I couldn’t leave Denise there.  He read the look on my face.  He reassured me that he wouldn’t hurt me.  All he wanted me to do is move my stockinged legs over his cock.  He showed me exactly what he meant, gave me direction, lightly repositioned my legs when I didn’t grasp his directions.

Before long he was rock hard.

I have to tell you that the sense of power I felt was intoxicating. More so than anything that I had consumed that evening from the bar.  I slid my feet, ankles, and calves over his stiffening cock.  Denise was in the other room fucking the one man’s brains out, but I was doing something much more incredible.

I was discovering that stockings, legs, and heels were powerful sexual tools that I could wield.  When used in the right manner they could bring a man to orgasm. They could make me feel sexy, dominant, and in complete control.  The feeling this gave me was unlike anything else I had ever experienced.  I had had sex before, but this was on another level completely.  One that I never knew existed.   I made it a point to learn more about stocking fetish fantasy play.

Due to this adventure, I learned that I loved wearing stockings and that things like a stocking fetish fantasy existed.

Denise and I were never caught.  Her and I still talk about that night once in a while.  However, true to my promise I never mentioned to her about what happened between him and I.  However, he never made me promise not to tell you.

Wicked phone sex at it’s best.

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