Do You Have a Stinky Feet Fetish?

I just started training with a personal trainer and I chose him because he was the youngest and the hottest, of course. At first, I thought that I would eventually use my MILF Pegging Queen expertise on him. But, I soon realized that he wasn’t the type to be dominated. Instead, he preferred to be in charge and in control of everything and I was up for being his submissive. We were alone in the gym when he revealed his stinky feet fetish and then couldn’t help but act on it. It was so hot!

 Can you picture me in my workout outfit? White skin-tight leggings and a matching low-cut sports bra. My long blonde hair in a high ponytail swishes flirtatiously as he guides my circuit training from one exercise to the next. He’s working me extra hard today and I’m really working up a sweat. I notice him checking out my ass with every squat and I try to go deeper just for him. I plan on pulling him into the showers with me after this but he had other plans. 

 Stinky Feet Fetish Confession

After the workout, he leads me in a stretch. We both sit on the floor and I open my legs extra wide as I reach for my toes. His eyes wander straight into my crotch just like I hoped. Then, he tells me he has a confession, and now he has my full attention. I imagined he would tell me that he loved MILFs and needed to fuck me but it wasn’t quite like that. 

 “I worked you extra hard today because I have a stinky feet fetish and I really want to smell your feet,” he confessed. 

You know I love anything kinky. Of course, I say yes. Right there on the gym floor, he takes off my white and pink Nike shoes and I can feel the wetness of my sweat on my socks. He pulls my foot to his face and breaths in my scent. He loves it, he bring the other foot to his face and indulges his stinky feet fetish. I can see his cock growing in his gym shorts. 

 Next, he rips off my socks and breathes in my bare feet. “You smell amazing,” he tells me, his eyes closed savoring the moment. Then he tongues the soles of my feet one by one making his way up to my toes. His soft tongue works its way in between each of my stinky sweaty toes. By this point, my pussy is soaking wet watching him worship my feet. 

 I Need His Cock Inside Me!

His cock is tenting his gym shorts as he starts to suck on my toes. Suddenly, he grabs the band of my leggings easily bringing me closer to him. Then just as quickly, he pulls my leggings off, tossing them to the side. I’m completely at the mercy of this young muscly hunk and I’m loving it. I’ll be his submissive any day! 

In the middle of the empty gym, he pulls down his shorts and reveals a massive cock. Without hesitation, he pulls up my hips and finally enters my tight pussy. I scream because of the shock of his size and girth. He holds my legs up and continues to lick and suck my stinky feet as his cock slides in and out of me. 

 I turn to my right and watch him fuck me in the full-length wall mirror. It’s amazing that something that huge can even fit inside my tiny twat. I cum all over his massive member multiple times as he enjoys his stinky feet fetish fuck.  


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