Stockings & stilettos on his face.

Stilettos push my little cuck’s fantasies over the edge. Now this little fuckbuddy I love to play with, we’ll call him Richie.. he loves to be my little cuckold whore, but he has it all! He loves being made into a little bitch for all my black fuckbuddies that want a tight piece of ass, but he also loves the stilettos. He wants sexy black heels in his face, and it’s a plus when they’re peep-toe so he can see the sexy pedicure underneath. I love showing off my little toes and going to the spa to get a pedicure, and now it even has the added benefit of driving him completely crazy. Whenever I wear them, he could practically fall to his knees just to stare at them. Sometimes I don’t even know what he wants more – if he had a choice he had to make on the fly, to focus on my heels and toes or on a big black cock, which would he choose? I don’t think he knows! It’d have to be an on-the-fly decision that might make him implode 😉

I love using these stilettos against him. Shopping for tall, peep toe heels is almost my favorite thing to do now because I know the reaction I’ll get out of him. He sees them and wants to be on the floor so he can have them next to his face. He loves laying down for me and looking up at me, and sometimes I’ll lift a leg and rest that heel on his chest, keeping him down and playing with his head. But his favorite part is when he gets to peel those heels off slowly after I’ve been wearing them all day. My feet are soft and warm from all the wear, and the soles smell just like me. If I pair it with stockings, it’s a done deal, he’s in heaven, sniffing and licking and losing his mind.. I guess I’m a little sadistic when it comes to that, I love teasing him with it all too much! ♥

Come play with me.

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