I love a man with a foot, or even better, a stiletto heel fetish.

It seems that a countless number of people, me included, have an obsession with shoes – sexy, alluring, high heeled shoes in particular. What is it about this simple footwear that tugs at a man’s cock strings so hard? Is there such a thing as a stiletto heel fetish? Of course, there is!

When I shop for heels, I do tend to have my favorite styles.

The look always wins out over comfort. Of course, having both would be amazing, but buying shoes to satiate my stiletto heel fetish lust always depends on the appearance of the perfect heel. Maybe I’m a bit shallow, but I have to have my stiletto heel fetish fix. The material has to be just right, luscious, with a sheen, or maybe, patent leather, or pure leather – perhaps even swathe if it’s the correct style.

The look of the shoe must be exquisitely perfect.

I am no designer, but a shoe connoisseur at heart. It feels almost intimate to me. I can write off a pair of shoes or fall in love within about 5 seconds or less. I see some shoes, and I know I have to own them. No matter the cost. That could be potentially dangerous for my wallet and any man’s heart with a stiletto heel fetish. Beyond the appearance, there is the effect the high heel shoes have on a man, both physically and mentally.

The arch created in the foot makes me stand almost on tiptoes.

Depending on the height of the heel, of course. The way I walk changes immediately, having to balance correctly to walk in them and the shift in my center of balance, giving me a delicate and very defined way of walking. Emphasizing my hips’ sway and lengthening my already long legs, the high heels maximize the allure and sexuality. I think that alone can drive any man with a stiletto heel fetish crazy with desire.

The stiletto heel fetish creates a war in a man’s minds relating to a female’s fragility.

Although the heels make a woman slightly more vulnerable, calling the male to protect her like a damsel in distress. However, the height of women in heels gives the appearance of a strong Goddess to men with a stiletto heel fetish. She may also be wearing spiked heels that a man will instinctively submit to of the mere mention of them and his balls in the same sentence.

Next, we move to the mental aspects.

Slipping into a stiletto-heeled shoe or boot when they are of a pair you love is like snuggling up beneath a warm blanket for some sweet sensual lovemaking, naked, with your lover. You feel more attractive while wearing beautiful shoes. Heels make a woman taller. Therefore, there is the illusion of slenderness, adding to her inner confidence.

The change in gait gives her a feeling of being attractive, knowing heads are turning to watch her – from outright stares to sneaky glances when they think you aren’t looking. With the right heels on, you can almost stop an evening in its tracks with just your confident and self-assured, click-clacking entrance. As you can tell, I have a stiletto heel fetish. A fetish that harms no one and beautifies and helps radiate my natural sensuality.

Do you have a stiletto heel fetish of your own? I’ll give you the best fetish phone sex around. Call me! Your heart will race, and your cock will rise for my hot stiletto heels.