There was a Bit of a Sticky Hot Mess Earlier Tonight!

So, we kind of made a sticky hot mess all over everything.  This was definitely one of my most delicious holiday stories.  I’m so happy it worked out and that no one noticed what happened.  If only they knew what had taken place earlier that evening.  Would they have dared touch what they ate?

So, let me backtrack a bit to my teen days.  We all love to gather over at my parent’s place for the Thanksgiving feast.  There are so many people and they bring guests.  My mom was always so ready and willing to open her home to anyone.  She didn’t like to hear about people going hungry.

I want him for myself!

So, anyway, regarding the sticky hot mess, it could have been prevented, right?  My oldest brother who I looked up to had come into town and was visiting for a while from college.

I wanted my brother to only belong to me.  Not some sleazy slut.  I loved the times we had shared together a while back. There were all the talks we had about sex, love, guys, fucking, and so much more.  You could say we had some experiences together (some a hot sticky mess) that really taught me all about what I deserved as a hot girl and now woman. I wondered if he remembered what we had shared together.

Then, there was her!

So, you ask who is she?  It was my brother’s trampy girlfriend.  He invited her over to meet us, but she would be spending Thanksgiving at her family’s house in town.  I didn’t like her at all.  Perhaps, it was because I was so ragingly jealous of her.

But, soon my brother and I would be making a sticky hot mess.  However, it was so worth almost getting caught.  We didn’t care at a certain point.  We only wanted to make each other feel so good.

When my family went out for a bit, my brother and I had been tasked to prep everything for the table. That’s when we got into a heated fight about Katy, his new girl.

Rather than doing something I’d regret, I threw some stuffing at him.  He got mad and threw some back.  Some of the stuffing went down under my shirt.  Now I was pissed.

I was so mad!

How dare he go and get another girl and bring her over.  There was yelling and food-throwing.  Then suddenly we started to laugh and it didn’t seem to matter anymore. Trevor was so touched I felt that way and told me he was thinking of ending things with her anyway because she was so demanding.

Then we started kissing.  We were both a hot sticky mess.  To be honest, we really didn’t give a crap.  He embraced me and it felt so good to feel my brother’s loving arms around me and his hands roaming over my tits.

Our hot sticky mess.

He lifted my shirt and began to suck my hard nipples.  Oh, that felt so damn good.  I moaned and he licked all the way down.  I got on top of the counter so my pussy could be right there in front of him.

He licked me till I squirted so hard my sticky hot mess got all over the turkey platter.  Then, he finger fucked me so hard I squirted what seemed like a huge cup of liquid.  Of course, a more sticky hot mess got all over everything around the turkey.

Then, he got a chair, stood on it, and came in behind me.  We fucked so hard my pussy was a sticky hot mess. If someone came home we would not have cared or stopped.

His dick felt so good inside of me.  I screamed and came over and over his hard cock.  He rammed me so hard my ass was in the air.  He fingered my back door and made me cum even more.

Everyone really enjoyed dinner that night.  But we kept our mouths shut.  Find out more by calling me for the most sensual phone sex chat ever!


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