What man doesn’t dream of fucking a sexy stewardess??

I’ve only been a stewardess for about a month and I’ve noticed that the Mile High Club isn’t a myth after all. It’s amazing how many people sneak off to the bathroom in pairs and think that no one knows what’s going on. Waiting a minute before following your partner only makes it more obvious because your face is all flushed and you keep looking around you. Sometimes I like to listen to the couple fucking and it turns me on so much. I tried it on my first day as a stewardess and it has become an addiction. The thought of having sex with all those people nearby makes my pussy soaking wet.

I scope out every flight I work on and try to find that lonely looking man that needs some extra attention. Being a stewardess makes that easy for me since I have to check on all of the passengers. I found a businessman in first class and decided to take my chance. I waited until I was the only stewardess in his section of the plane and started talking to him.

So I asked if he wanted anything to drink and I took my time to flirt. He seemed interested in me and I leaned over as I handed him a drink so I could whisper in his ear “Meet me in the bathroom.” I then looked after the other passengers while he got up and left. Once everyone was okay I went to the bathroom and shut the door behind me.

He was already hard and bulging out the front of his pants when I joined him in the bathroom. As I walked in he told me how he had always wanted to fuck a stewardess. That explained the bulge in his pants even more! I undid them and slipped my hand inside, wrapping my fingers around his dick and pulling it out. I gave him a few strokes and we kissed for a minute then he grabbed my arm. He bent me over the sink. It dug into my stomach as he shoved up my skirt.

I could see him behind me in the mirror and I watched as he stroked my ass. I spread my legs as he began pushing his dick into me, filling my pussy inch by inch. Then I moaned out loud when he grabbed me by the hips and started to thrust in and out of me. I kept my eyes on him as he groaned and told me how hot I was as his dick rubbed my pussy walls. I held the edge of the sink and thought of all the people who were so close to us, any minute now someone could be knocking on the door because they had to go. And I wanted to get caught so badly.

He pulled me backwards, forcing his dick in deeper. I groaned loudly as my pussy started to tighten around him. He put a hand over my mouth to keep me quiet and went faster, his balls slapping against me. As he pounded into me he told me to be quiet or everyone was going to expect the same treatment from their sexy stewardess. My stomach felt bruised as it kept hitting the sink. I could hear him grunting behind me as my clit began to ache. I pushed back on him, meeting his thrusts and it got harder to breathe. So I felt like I was being smothered as I came, his hand muffling my cry. He kept going and when my body started to relax he shoved in hard filling my tight pussy with his jizz.

When we were all finished I fixed my uniform and left the bathroom while he hung back for a minute. I looked around and it seems like no one had missed the sexy stewardess who’d been gone for the last five minutes. I hoped my flushed face went away before anyone saw it and wondered what I was so excited about. A rush was still going through me and I felt so naughty. As I walked down the aisle I could feel his cum leaking from my used cunt into my silky panties.

I can’t wait to do it again but until another opportunity comes up I’ll just have to relive it in my head while I play with myself. Being a stewardess has been one of the hottest experiences of my life! I bet telling a few lucky friends about it would be pretty fucking hot too. I wonder who’ll be the first one begging to hear all the dirty details.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke